Best Fixed Blade Broadheads Review And Buying Guide 2023

Best Fixed Blade Broadheads
Best Fixed Blade Broadhead

Are you looking for the most reliable broadhead to use in your fixed-blade bow? If so, you're in luck! This article showcases the best fixed-blade broadheads, helping you achieve the ultimate accuracy and success with your hunting.

What is a fixed blade broadhead?

What is a fixed blade broadhead? A fixed blade broadhead is a type of arrowhead that has blades affixed to the shaft with screws or glue. This type of head is designed to provide greater accuracy and penetration power due to its solid form, which allows the blades to work in unison as they cut through their target. Fixed blade broadheads are considered by many bowhunters and target archers alike as the most reliable and accurate type of hunting head available.

Fixed blade broadheads typically have three blades, two on each side of the ferrule (the metal part at the end of the arrow shaft), with a third main blade on top. The blades can be feather fletched or plastic vanes and are attached to ferrules which are premounted on either carbon fiber or aluminum arrow shafts. The number of blades, size, weight, and shape quite often varies depending upon what you’re hunting for but most fixed blade broadheads weigh between 125-150 grains–heavier heads may provide deeper penetration.

Arrow setup is also important when using a fixed blade broadhead and should include quality components such as arrows made from durable materials (woods, carbon fiber or aluminum) that have been properly spined to accommodate the correct weight arrows (based on your bow's draw weight), and nocks that fit securely onto your string with an adjustable arrow rest. Additionally, you’ll want to check both side-by-side alignment (parallelism) as well as vertical alignment (squaring off) before taking your shot in order to ensure accuracy when shooting with a fixed blade broadhead each time you pull back your bowstring.

Why are fixed blade broadheads better than other types of broadheads?

When discussing the best type of arrowheads, many bowhunters often rave about fixed blade broadheads. While some may prefer a different type of broadhead, fixed blades offer a variety of advantages that make them a great choice for many hunting scenarios.

Fixed blade broadheads are designed to always stay in their original shape and size, providing excellent accuracy and consistent performance. This makes them ideal for shots taken at shorter distances and longer shots alike.

Fixed blade broadheads also tend to fly more accurately and penetrate more deeply than other types of broadheads due to their one-piece construction. Even after impact, the blades remain intact, reducing the risk of them shifting or becoming misaligned in flight. Plus, due to their large cutting diameter and hard edges, they create larger wound channels compared to mechanical or hybrid models which increases the likelihood of a clean kill shot with minimal suffering for the target animal.

Finally, perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using fixed blade broadheads is their durability compared to other types. Their construction lends itself well to wear and tear as well as natural elements such as wind or rain that would cause other arrowhead types to wear out quickly due to rusting or bending blades after contact with these elements. As such, when it comes down choosing a quality fix blade broadhead gives hunters an edge while out in the field that they can rely on time after time no matter what conditions they face during their hunt!

What are some of the best fixed blade broadheads on the market?

Discovering the best fixed blade broadhead on the market is an important task for any hunter in their quest for the most successful and ethical hunt. To locate a broadhead that offers an ideal combination of accuracy, durability, and dependability can provide you with confidence in each shot. It is also important to consider your bow speed when selecting a broadhead because it can affect accuracy and performance.

To assist you in picking the right fixed blade broadhead for your needs, we have compiled a list of some of the top 3 best fixed blade broadheads on the market today to help ensure that any hunt is meant to be successful.

1- G5 Outdoors Montec Broadhead – Easy To Use Fixed Broadhead.

G5 Outdoors Montec Fixed Broadhead

G5 Outdoors Montec fixed broadhead is a powerful and intimidating looking broadhead that exudes the potential to take down any quarry. One of its greatest features is its versatility, with a range of weight options – 85 gr, 100 gr, and 125 grains – that make it suitable for use with a variety of and bows and arrows.

As a cut-on-contact broadhead, the Montec is designed to maximize penetration through soft tissue while being less effective on tougher tissue or bone. This makes it an excellent choice for archers who prize precision in their shots.

The Montec's one-piece design makes it easy to use, maintain, and screw into arrows, with no pieces to lose or damage. However, this also means that the blades cannot be replaced.

On the other hand, the simple one-piece fixed blade design also makes the Montec easy to sharpen, allowing for its reusability on around ten different quarries. It comes with 1-⅛” cutting diameter and expertly angled blades for Max penetration and tissue damage. Montec is a versatile and reliable choice for veteran and bowhunters who seek a powerful and straightforward broadhead.


  • The Montec Broadhead is simple to use and easy to screw into arrows.
  • Offers optimum penetration through soft tissue.
  • It is a great value for your money and provides a lower maintenance option compared to other broadheads.
  • G5 Montec Fixed Broadhead comes in 3 different weight options, making it versatile and suitable for a variety of arrows and bows.
  • Its simple design allows for high reusability, allowing you to use it on around ten different quarries.
  • Easy to sharped, making it convenient to maintain.
  • Has a 1-⅛” cutting diameter which allows for a significant blood trail.


  • At the flying time it might make sound because of its loose bolts.
  • Pieces are not replaceable.
Big Dave Reviews the G5 Outdoors Montec Fixed Broadhead

2- Muzzy Bowhunting 4 Blade Broadheads

Muzzy Bowhunting 4 Blade Broadheads

The Muzzy 100 grain 4 Blade broadhead is a hunting essential for those pursuing elk. Its longevity in the market is a testament to its effectiveness and simplicity. Muzzy comes with affordability and reliability, for this hunters keep coming back to it.

If you're looking for a straightforward solution to your broadhead needs, the Muzzy 4-blade is the way to go. Not only will it easily penetrate through elk and their thick fur, but it won't break the bank. With the added bonus of getting 6 broadheads for the price of 3 from other brands, this product is a steal.

Many deer and elk hunters have found themselves returning to Muzzy broadheads time and time again, having tried other mechanical and fixed blade options without the same level of consistency and performance. The Muzzy 100 grain 4 Blade broadhead is a tried and true choice for hunters.


  • Muzzy Bowhunting Broadhead is silent, which makes it an excellent choice for stealthy hunting.
  • Its chisel tip design allows it to break bones and puncture deep for maximum damage.
  • Comes in a six pack rather than the typical three, providing great value for your money.
  • Muzzy Fixed Broadhead is simple to put together and replace the blades, making it easy to maintain.


  • Comes with 100 grain only
  • Small 1″ cutting diameter
The Beginning Hunter Reviews Muzzy 4 Blade Broadhead

3- Slick Trick Magnum Fixed Broadhead

Slick Trick Magnum Fixed Broadhead

The Slick Trick Magnum is an intimidating and powerful broadhead that is sure to make an impact on your hunting experience. One of its greatest strengths is its Alcatraz bladelock system, which keeps the four incredibly sharp German-manufactured Lutz blades stable, making it not only durable and reusable but also accurate. The 035 Lutz blades give you an edge, or four of them, rather, on the hunt.

The 1-⅛” cutting diameter and chisel tip design of the Magnum ensures that it breaks bones and punctures deep, leaving a good blood trail. The pure steel ferrule of the broadhead is the root of its penetrative power, making it strong and reusable. The four blades decrease the likelihood that deer muscle tissue or other internal organs will close up over a wound.

The Slick Trick Magnum comes in 100 grains, which is a good all-around weight for new and veteran hunters alike. Make sure you know what weight you’re comfortable with and what will work best with your bow before making a purchase. This broadhead is a great choice for those who want a powerful, accurate and reusable broadhead.


  • The Alcatraz bladelock system keeps the four Lutz blades stable, making the broadhead durable and reusable
  • Four Lutz blades decreases the likelihood of closure of wounds, allowing for better penetration
  • The steel ferrule is the root of the broadhead's penetrative power
  • Accuracy is increased due to the Alcatraz bladelock system
  • Chisel tip design ensures maximum penetration.


  • Comes with 100 grain only
Slick Trick Broadhead Review by Jack Coad

How to choose the right fixed blade broadhead for your needs?

Choosing the right fixed blade broadhead for your needs can be a difficult task. With the range of options available, it's important to understand what features and design characteristics will work best for your archery needs. Fixed blade broadheads are designed with a metal blade or blades on top of a single steel shaft. This type of broadhead is ideal for precision accuracy and penetration power which makes them an excellent choice for big game hunting.

The size, shape, and flight profile of the blades are all important factors in choosing the right fixed blade broadhead. A wide cut diameter ensures you have more surface area when striking your target while design characteristics like specially shaped ferrules can help give you an edge aerodynamically – allowing you to achieve targeting accuracy even in strong windy conditions.

When selecting a fixed blade broadhead, it's important to consider both field-tip point accuracy as well as strength and durability – especially when shooting longer distances with high kinetic energy arrows. You'll want to also factor in the size and weight of the blades: plusier, larger blades will cause faster arrow flight but may not cut nearly as deeply as smaller denser ones.

Lastly, choose a material that's suited to your shooting requirements – carbon steel and stainless steel are great for high-velocity bows; however aluminum may suffice for lower draw weights or shorter distances. The type of game you will hunt should also be considered when selecting material so make sure to do research prior to purchase.

When making your selection process simpler, focus on features such as metallurgy, weight and shape that are tailored towards matching up with your bow spec­ifically – taking into account specifics like arrow speed combined with distance demands while accounting for any local conditions that affect arrow flight capabilities or ability to penetrate target hide can also be helpful during selection considerations ­ which is ultimately aimed towards delivering maximum performance out of your investment in arrows and broadheads!

How to use a fixed blade broadhead for hunting?

Fixed blade broadheads are a widely used tool for hunting and offer several advantages over other types of broadheads. They typically feature two or three blades that are sharpened to a single cutting edge, making them perfect for taking down big game animals with well-placed shots. Fixed blade broadheads also remain open after impact, so the blades can stretch flesh or sinew without needing to be closed manually before another shot can be fired. For these reasons and more, using a fixed blade for hunting can increase your chances of success.

When using a fixed blade broadhead for hunting, there are several important points to consider:

  • The first is proper arrow placement and trajectory—aiming too high or too low can cause your shot to miss its mark or worse, injure the animal unpredictably.
  • The second is ensuring that your arrows are properly spined and capable of carrying the weight of your chosen broadhead; otherwise, the arrow may shake and lack accuracy due to instability in flight.

Finally, make sure that you use quality equipment when hunting with a fixed blade broadhead such as good arrows and steady bow form that allows you to make precision shots while minimizing recoil in order to achieve consistent and accurate hits every time you let go an arrow. With the proper combination of skill, practice, and quality equipment—using a fixed blade broadhead for hunting will increase your chance of success on any hunt!

Tips for using fixed blade broadheads effectively

Fixed blade broadheads are the preferred arrowhead for bowhunting due to their durability and accuracy. They are most commonly used in target shooting, but they can be used in hunting as well. With this type of head, the blades remain fixed into place and can easily penetrate any hide or armor. Even animals with tough hides, such as large boar or bull elk, prove to be no problem at all when using a fixed blade broadhead.

Using tips for using fixed blade broadheads effectively can help you get the results you want when going out hunting; a clean kill with minimal loss of animal tissue or sheath around the entry point. When purchasing a new set of arrows, ensure that they are compatible with your broadheads and that they are able to be attached correctly to your arrows. Smaller blades may require additional fletching techniques or stronger adhesive depending on how hard they must penetrate the animal’s hide before reaching their internal organs.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to using fixed blade broadheads. Hone your skills by mastering both shooting range practice and field technique adjustments that provide fine-tune control with each shot. Knowing the specific breaking points and attachment points on your arrows will give you an edge in terms of success rate too. So get familiar with these details ahead of time! Finally, inspect everything before going out on a hunt including wisps/strings for bark damage/abrasions. Because these could potentially affect flight integrity if not addressed prior to charging into battle!

How to sharpen a fixed blade broadhead?

Sharpening a fixed blade broadhead is something that requires time and precision if you want it to perform at its best. Proper sharpening can ensure that your arrow is firing off true and consistent every single time. In order to keep a keen edge on your arrow head, one needs to understand the basics of how to sharpen a fixed blade broadhead.

The first step for sharpening a fixed blade broadhead is finding the right tool for the job. An angle guide should be used to ensure a consistent angle across all blades, which makes it easier to sharpen with accuracy and control. You should also use specialized jigs or tools designed specifically for sharpening blades of this type as they are designed specifically for the purpose and can offer more precise results than general-purpose tools.

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Once you’ve selected an appropriate sharpening tool, it’s time to start honing your edge. Place the angle guide over each individual blade of your broadhead so as each one gets an equal sharpen, then with slow strokes start moving your tool along the edge in order achieve that regular angle across all blades. You may need multiple passes in order for proper results so be sure not skip even a single pass, however light it may seem at first!

Once you’ve satisfied yourself that each one of the blades has been given an even amount of pressure, take off the guide and give them quick inspection just to make sure that everything looks equal before using them on any target dummy or live game! Doing these simple steps can help you make sure that each shot will fire true and with consistency every single time!

How to maintain a fixed blade broadhead?

Maintaining a fixed blade broadhead is essential for successful and accurate hunting every time. A well-maintained broadhead can stay sharp and slice easily through game with precision, while a badly maintained one will cause more suffering to animals and provide an inaccurate shot. So it’s important to properly maintain your fixed blade broadhead if you want an enjoyable, successful hunt.

The most important part of maintaining a fixed blade broadhead is ensuring that it stays sharp. You should check the blades for any nicks or dents after every use and sharpen the edges as needed with either a whetstone, such as a diamond stone, or professional tool like a file guide. Additionally, you may want to consider adding additional weight to your blades if they are not performing as well as desired in flight when shooting from longer distances.

Additionally, make sure that you clean off your blades each time after use by wiping them down with an oiled cloth to reduce oxidation which can cause rust spots on the surface of your blades. It’s also important that you store your fixed blade broadhead safely so it doesn’t get damaged while not in use. If possible, store your blades in an airtight container away from moisture which could cause corrosion on the blades over time.

Following these easy steps can ensure that you have the best performance out of your fixed blade broadhead each time you go out hunting!

Troubleshooting tips for fixed blade broadheads

Troubleshooting tips for fixed blade broadheads can help make sure you get the best performance from your equipment. Fixed blade broadheads are designed to be smaller and more aerodynamic than other types of bowhunting heads. This rigid design helps them trip easily through the air, fly more accurately, and penetrate deeply even in tough conditions.

However, when using fixed blade broadheads, it's important to consider the wear and tear that comes with regular use and make sure you adjust your components appropriately to maintain your accuracy levels. But don't worry—here are some troubleshooting tips that will help keep your equipment running smoothly and get your shots on target every time:

  1. Check arrow flex: Make sure that the arrows you use have enough flex so they don’t affect the trajectory of your arrows when shot through a mechanical broadhead.
  2. Keep blades clean: Make sure all blades are free from debris such as grass or dirt for maximum accuracy in flight.
  3. Replace any warped blades: Blades can become warped from continued use or after a particularly hard hit against a target – replace these if needed to ensure that flight momentum is maintained with each shot.
  4. Ensure ferrules are tight: Any loose ferrule connections can lead to unpredictable flight paths – check regularly to make sure they’re secure.

Following these simple troubleshooting tips for fixed blade broadheads will ensure consistent performance with each shot, ultimately leading to better hunting success!


When it comes to choosing the best fixed blade broadhead, it is important to consider a number of different factors. It is essential to choose the correct arrowhead size based on the type and weight of the arrows being used. Additionally, one should also consider their style of shooting and the overall shape and design of the head. Finally, material selection can be important when determining longevity and durability.

Overall, the best fixed blade broadheads will depend on individual preferences, intended use and shooting style. However, there are some great models that exceed expectations in terms of performance and quality. G5 Outdoors’ Montec Broadhead has been noted as a favorite among hunters because it is easy to set up and use, offers superior accuracy due its aerodynamic design, and utilizes solid steel construction for longer lasting blades. Similarly, New Archery Products’ Spitfire Maxx broadhead offers excellent performance due to its sharp serrated blades with cut-on-contact technology. Both models come backed by exceptional warranties that protect against wear and tear beyond normal user expectations. As such they can be a perfect choice for even seasoned bowhunters amidst an eclectic range of expanding options in fixed blade broadheads available today in market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is a fixed blade broadhead?

A1: A fixed blade broadhead is an arrowhead with blades that remain fixed instead of folding back during flight. This type of broadhead is heavier and more aerodynamic, making it a more accurate and powerful choice for hunting.

Q2: What are the benefits of using a fixed blade broadhead?

A2: The greatest benefit of a fixed blade broadhead is its accuracy. The blades remain fixed in place, and the heavier weight of the broadhead helps it to fly straighter and cut through the air with less resistance. This makes it much more accurate than a folding blade broadhead.

Q3: What is the best fixed blade broadhead for hunting?

A3: The best fixed blade broadhead for hunting will depend on the individual hunter’s preferences. However, some of the most popular brands include G5 Outdoors, Rage Broadheads, and Wasp Archery Products.

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