How to Protect Your Mail from Identity Theft

Mail theft is a growing problem that is costing consumers billions of dollars every year. In fact, it's the single most common type of identity theft. Although there are a number of solutions to mail theft, one of the most effective is to use a Security Mailbox with Auto Lock. This is a mailbox features a built-in locking mechanism that is engaged whenever the door is closed, keeping your mail safe and secure.

A recent study by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has shown that the top 10% of mail recipients have over 16% of their mail opened by thieves. That is huge! If your mail is being opened, it is in your best interest to take steps to protect your mail.

Protect your mail from identity theft by using a secure mailbox and promptly removing mail. Shred sensitive documents before disposal to safeguard your personal information.

Identity theft can inflict significant financial and emotional distress, making it essential to take proactive steps to shield your mail from thieves. A pivotal component of personal security, mail protection involves more than just a watchful eye. It requires strategic measures to prevent unauthorized access to your personal correspondence and financial statements, which often contain information ripe for exploitation.

With identity theft tactics becoming increasingly sophisticated, understanding and implementing best practices for mail safety is crucial. Ensuring your mailbox is secure, being vigilant about collection times, and properly destroying sensitive materials are key lines of defense. In the digital age, safeguarding against traditional mail theft remains a vital aspect of protecting your identity. This introductory guide offers actionable advice to help secure your postal mail and, by extension, your personal identity.

What Is Identity Theft?

Imagine someone pretends to be you. They use your name and information. Identity theft is when someone steals your personal details. This can harm your finances and reputation. It is a serious crime.

Types Of Identity Theft

  • Financial Identity Theft: Thieves use your name for money matters.
  • Medical Identity Theft: They get health services pretending to be you.
  • Criminal Identity Theft: Someone commits a crime under your name.
  • Synthetic Identity Theft: Fake identities are made from real data.

Common Techniques Used By Thieves

PhishingEmails that trick you into giving information.
SkimmingDevices on ATMs that steal card details.
PretextingLies to get your personal information.
Mail TheftThieves take mail to get your data.
Trash DivingSearching your trash for personal items.

Why Is Your Mail Vulnerable To Identity Theft?

Your personal mail contains more than just bills and magazines. It holds the keys to your private life, accessible to anyone who reaches into your mailbox. Understanding why mail is so vulnerable can be the game-changer in safeguarding your identity.

Identity Thieves Target Mailboxes

Thieves see mailboxes as treasure chests. Unsecured mailboxes are easy targets. Thieves steal mail to discover personal information. They use this data to commit fraud.

Mail Can Reveal Sensitive Information

Bills, bank statements, and personal letters often contain full namesaddresses, and financial details. Thieves search for this mail. They want to capture sensitive information.

  • Account numbers
  • Social Security numbers
  • Personal identification numbers

Access To Your Mail Gives Criminals An Opportunity

Stolen mail offers criminals several fraud opportunities. They often open new credit accounts or take loans in your name. Protecting your mail is crucial to prevent identity theft.

  1. Change of address scams
  2. Bank fraud through stolen checks
  3. Unauthorized credit card activation

How To Secure Your Mailbox

Your mailbox: a humble, often overlooked gateway that could lead thieves right to your most personal information. Keeping your mailbox secure is not just about protecting paper; it's about safeguarding your identity.

Invest In A Secure Mailbox

Feel confident every time you shut the mailbox door with a tamper-resistant mailbox.

  • Heavy-duty materials stand guard against thieves.
  • Locking mechanisms keep prying eyes out.
  • Mail slots that only allow mail through protect against fishing.

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Set Up Mail Forwarding

Moving? Temporary mail forwarding ensures your mail follows you, not the other way around.

  1. Submit a request with the post office.
  2. Choose start and end dates for the service.
  3. Peace of mind as your mail redirects to your new address.

Utilize A P.O. Box

Take control over who has access to your mail with a Post Office Box.

AnonymityMail comes to a box number, not your home address.
SecurityOnly accessible via key or combination.
ConveniencePick up mail on your schedule.

How To Protect Your Mail Contents

Your personal mail often contains private data that could be a goldmine for identity thieves. To safeguard your information, it is crucial to adopt security measures. Ensure proper handling of sensitive documents and consider secure communication methods.

Use Shredders To Destroy Sensitive Documents

Identity thieves raid trash for personal information. To combat this, make shredding a habit. Feed old bank statements, utility bills, and medical records through a shredder before discarding them. This reduces the risk of personal information getting into the wrong hands.

Be Careful What Information You Disclose In Your Mail

Think twice before sharing personal details. When sending mail, use general terms and avoid including sensitive data unless absolutely necessary. If you must include such information, use secure mailing methods or opt for in-person delivery.

Consider Digital Alternatives

Online services offer secure ways to handle transactions. Consider electronic statements and bill payments to minimize paper trail risks. For communication, email or digital messaging might be safer options. Ensure strong passwords and use two-factor authentication for added security.

Additional Tips For Protecting Your Identity

Keeping your mail safe is a good start. Here are extra steps to secure your identity:

Monitor Your Credit Score

Watch your credit score closely. It reveals your financial health. A sudden drop could signal theft. You can get free reports from major bureaus once a year.

Check Your Accounts Regularly

  • Review bank statements often.
  • Spot unauthorized transactions early.
  • Check for small, test charges thieves might make.

Setting up alerts with your bank helps too.

Consider Identity Theft Protection Services

Think about signing up for a protection service. They watch for signs of theft.

Service FeatureBenefit
MonitoringTracks your credit and personal info.
AlertsSends warnings of suspicious activity.
Recovery AssistanceHelps you if identity theft occurs.

Select a service with a strong reputation and good reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Prevent Mail From Identity Theft?

Secure your mailbox with a lock and promptly remove mail after delivery. Shred sensitive documents before discarding. Opt for electronic statements when possible. Regularly review credit reports for suspicious activity. Notify senders of address changes promptly to prevent misdirected mail.

What Is The Best Defense Against Identity Theft?

The best defense against identity theft is to regularly monitor your credit, safeguard personal information, use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and stay vigilant about potential scams.

How Do I Protect My Mailbox From Theft?

To protect your mailbox from theft, use a lockable mailbox, check mail regularly, opt for secure delivery options, install surveillance cameras, and promptly report any theft to authorities.

What Do Mail Thieves Look For?

Mail thieves typically seek personal information, cash, checks, credit card offers, and gift cards that can be used or sold for profit.


Securing your mail is crucial in safeguarding your identity. Embrace the steps discussed to deter thieves and keep personal information safe. Remember, vigilant mail protection is your best defense against identity theft. Stay informed, and update your security measures regularly for peace of mind.

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