Top 7 Best Electric Heated Lunch Boxes of 2022

Best Electric Heated Lunch Box
Best Electric Heated Lunch Boxes

Electric heated lunch boxes have now become common. Many people use them to fill their appetite anywhere at any time. They provide everyday convenience to either heat up the cooked meal or make a whole new meal on the go or at the workplace.

They are quite easy to use. Just place your food inside the box, turn the power on, wait until the box heats up of your food, and here you go. Also, they are quite safe as they come with a shockproof feature.

Another advantage of using the electric-heated lunchbox is that it never changes the taste of your food. Instead, it enhances the food flavors and preserves the food moisture content and nutrition. Also, it evenly heats up the meals to prevent overcooked sides and frozen centers.

These lunchboxes also save time and money and are light in weight so that you can carry them easily.

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Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the best electric heated lunchbox according to your needs is not easy as there are various manufacturers that make these sorts of lunch boxes for the users. Some companies offer excellent quality lunchboxes with advanced features whereas some make decent quality boxes with simple features. But no matter, what type of electric heated lunchbox you are going to purchase; there are various factors that you need to consider to make your selection process easier. So what are those factors? Take a look.

The power source is the first factor that you should consider before purchasing your ideal electric heated lunchbox. Some lunchboxes allow you to easily reheat your food while driving. They come with 12-V power adaptor or cigarette lighter like plug so that you can easily warm up your meals on the go.

On the other hand, some lunchboxes require 110V or 220V to cook or reheat your meals. They come with power cables and require power outlets at office or home. Also, some electric lunchboxes support USB cables to operate through your tablet or PC.

So it all depends on your needs.

The size of the lunchbox also matters the most. These lunchboxes are available in different sizes so you must go for the best possible size to meet your needs. Some people prefer large lunchboxes whereas some pick the smaller ones.

But the size of the lunchbox sometimes creates confusion. Some lunchboxes come with thick insulation that makes them look bigger. But in reality, they contain less storage space or capacity inside.

So, before purchasing your lunchbox, look at its inner capacity rather than completely focusing on its outer size.

The capacity of the lunchbox is measured in liters so never forget to check the storage capacity to make sure whether it will meet your needs or not.

If you take only one or two dishes with you, then you can go for the lunchbox that is smaller in size or has the less storing capacity. Also, if you are looking for a smaller thing that can easily fit in your bag, then you must go for the small-sized lunchbox.

On the other hand, if you take heavy meals in your lunchtime, then you must go for the bigger one that contains multiple sections to accommodate more food.

But one thing you should keep in mind is that smaller lunchboxes take less time to heat or cook the food as compared to the larger ones because of the time required to distribute the heat all around the lunchbox. Also, smaller boxes accommodate less food, so it warms quickly rather than a large quantity of food.

There are also other features that you should look at when buying your electric heated lunchbox.

Before buying your lunchbox make sure that it is featured with a PTC original heating element that is energy-efficient, safe, as well as provide constant temperature.

You can also consider those lunchboxes that are multi-functional. They act as the oven as well as the stove. Stove helps you to cook your food, and the oven lets you reheat your meals. The heating options of the lunchboxes vary according to the type of functions they support.

Other than this, the heat resistance feature also needs to be checked. Some lunchboxes can withstand up to 300-degree Fahrenheit temperature, so it is ideal to have that product that features high-temperature heat resistance.

Moreover, a comfortable grip handle also comes in the feature of the lunchbox. It helps you to carry your lunchbox easily so make sure that the handle is easy to grip.

Materials used in the construction of the lunchbox also need to be checked. These lunchboxes are always constructed with heat-resistant materials that are unlikely to deform during the heating process. Most of the best electric heated lunchboxes are built with stainless steel and PP plastic. So, it is always good to know about the materials used in the construction of your lunchbox to eat healthily and live healthily.

The electric heated lunchboxes also require regular cleaning and maintenance. So, before buying one make sure that your lunchbox is easy to clean. The food containers must be detachable so that you can easily wash them. Also, check whether the parts of your lunchbox are dishwasher safe or not.

In the end, price always matters no matter which product you buy. If you are low on budget, then try to buy the best electric heated lunchbox within your budget. And if money is not a problem for you, then you can go for any expensive and best product out there.

Usage Guide

Along with looking at what things you should consider before buying the electric heated lunchbox, you should also learn how to use your lunchbox in the best possible manner. So, here we are going to provide you with some tips.

  • Some of the electric heated lunchboxes are microwave safe. But if your lunchbox doesn’t support microwave oven heating then never try to place it inside the oven.
  • Never try to place the whole unit into water or dishwasher. It will damage the heating system of the lunchbox. Only wash the detachable food containers. To clean the entire unit, use a dry piece of cloth or a slightly wet piece of towel and then let it dry completely before using.
  • Some electric heated lunchboxes feature air vent with exhaust cover. So it is recommended to remove the exhaust cover while using the lunchbox. If you won’t, then your product will be deformed.
  • Also, never try to refrigerate the product.
  • Moreover, never turn on your lunchbox when there is no food inside. Always place the food first and then turn on the power to get hot and delicious food at your table.

However, selecting one for your personal use is not easy. You can make the wrong buying decision that may cost you. Therefore, to make the selection process easier for you, we have reviewed the ten best electric heated lunchboxes in this article that are listed below.

Best Electric Heated Lunch Boxes

1. Hot Logic Mini Personal Portable Oven

Product Dimensions: 6.8 x 8.8 x 2.5 inches

Item Weight: 1.15 Pounds

Hot Logic Mini Personal Portable Oven is one of the best electric heated lunch boxes available in the market. It allows you to enjoy your favorite and delicious meals anywhere with ease.

It features a modern technology heating plate that cooks or reheats your food and the insulated tote with aluminum lining interior keeps your food warm by retaining the food heat.

You can either place metal, plastic or glass-made food containers inside the lunchbox, but make sure that your food container features a flat surface and is sealed from the top. The food containers having up to 6.75 x 8.75 x 2.5 inch dimensions can easily accommodate within the lunchbox.

It is a slow cooking oven that takes care of your food and perfectly cooks your meals to provide you with delicious and freshly-cooked hot meals. HotLogic Mini also works like a microwave oven as it reheats the meals so perfectly. It gently and evenly heats the foods, prevents moisture and doubles the food flavor.

It is also quite easy to use and maintain. All you need is to plug in the lunchbox and allow it to warm your meal. When it is ready, it will serve you your meal without over-cooked sides and frozen centers. Also, it cooks or reheats the food cleanly to prevent any mess.

This electric heated lunchbox also features a double zipper for durability. Also, it is an energy efficient product that saves much energy.

2. Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmer

Product Dimensions: 8.1 x 8.2 x 7 inches

Item Weight: 2.35 Pounds

This electric food warmer from Crock-Pot is a small size product that can reheat food for one person at a time. Its inner container has the capacity of holding about 24 ounces of food.

It has a cute design that enhances its beauty. Also, its tote-like handle makes it easy to carry anywhere you want.

The lunchbox features a warming base to reheat your food items, and a removable sealed food container keeps your food warm for long.

The outer lid works as a seal and takes care of your food. The food container also has a lid that makes it easy to carry. You can only take the food container with you and can leave the heating base at your home or office. There is no need to take the entire unit with you all the time.

The container and the outer lid are also dishwashers safe to make it easy for you to clean the product. Also, the lunch tote has integrated power cord storage that makes it look tidy.

Other than this, it is also easy to use. Just place your food inside the container, plug in the lunchbox, reheats your food, and enjoy it while working.

3. Yescom 1.5L Portable Electric Heating Lunch Box

Product Dimensions: 9-5/16”L x 6-9/16”W x 4-3/16”H

Item Weight: 2.03 Pounds

This electric heated lunchbox by Yescom is much similar to the Taipove heating lunchbox. It also requires 110V to operate and has a total storage capacity of 1.5L.

If we talk about its construction materials, then it is made up of stainless steel and PP plastic. The outer body of the lunchbox is built with heat-resistant plastic whereas inside you can find an insulated stainless steel container along with an individual heat resistant, food-grade small plastic box. Both the containers are detachable similar to the Taipove heating lunchbox.

Other than this, it features air vent with an exhaust cover that must be removed before using the lunchbox. Also, it uses PTC heating technology that provides constant, safest, and reliable heating.

The power indicator also tells when to open the lunchbox to enjoy your fresh and hot meal. Moreover, it comes with a power cord and a plastic spoon.

4. HOTLOGIC Food Warmer Electric Lunch Box with 12V Vehicle Plug – Heated Lunch Box for Cooking and Reheating Meals in Vehicles and Trucks

Product Dimensions: 6.8 x 8.8 x 2.5 inches

Item Weight: 2 Pounds

Thi HOTLOGIC Food Warmer Electric Lunch Box is an easy to use food warmer that you can use to warm up your meal on the go. There is no need to find a reliable power source at your home or office; it only needs a 12-V power source to operate. You can plug it into your car’s lighter jack to reheat your meal while driving and enjoy it at your workplace.

Its non-stick aluminum interior surface with insulation keeps your food warm for long. It retains the temperature for long and offers your hot and delicious meals every time.

This electric heated lunchbox has a good internal capacity that can comfortably accommodate your complete lunch or dinner. It also reheats your meal quickly and evenly to provide you with great taste.

If we talk about its exterior, then it has a heat-resistant case that never gets warm during the heating process. Also, the box gets tightly closed with the help of a front closure. There is also a tight lid that keeps your food warm as well as keeps it safe from coming out of the box due to car vibrations.

It is also light in weight and features a folding handle to carry it easily. Also, its interior is easy to clean.

5. Vabaso 2 in 1 Portable Heated Lunch Box for Car Truck Home Work 

Product Dimensions: 9.45 x 6.69 x 5.12 inches

Item Weight: 2.03 pounds

This electric heated lunchbox by Vabaso is a stylish food warmer that takes care of your food in the most effective manner. It takes around 20 to 50 minutes to reheat your meals thoroughly, but the heating time depends on the quantity of the food as well as its temperature. Also, it requires 12V for Car Use + 24V for Truck Use+ 110V to operate in Home/Office and has a storing capacity of 1.5L.

The lunchbox is constructed with food-grade material and stainless steel. Its outer part is made up of heat-resistant material that doesn’t get melt when the inside temperature is on the rise. It is quite a safe and reliable product to use.

It uses PTC heating technology that is energy-efficient as well as keeps the temperature constant. The lunchbox features a circular design steaming system that provides constant heat to all the areas of the lunchbox to offer you hot and soft meals.

It is also quite easy to use. All you need is to place your food inside the stainless steel container, put the cover, lock the box, plug in, and switch on the power to start the operation. The power indicator will tell you about the successful heating of the food by turning the light on.

But before using the lunchbox never forget to remove the exhaust cover to prevent deformation of the lunchbox.

6. HengLiSam Electric Lunch Box Food Heater

Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.7 x 4.3 inches

Item Weight: 1.7 Pounds

Another strong and reliable food heater that you can buy for your personal use is the HengLiSam electric lunchbox. It is made up of non-toxic materials that make it the safest product to use.

It supports 110V and features an overall holding capacity of 1.5L. The stainless steel heating container is removable so that you can clean it easily. Also, the food-grade small PP food box is detachable.

The lunchbox takes around 30 to 40 minutes to heat the food in the summer and in winter; the heating time is about 40 to 60 minutes.

Other than this, the easy-to-grip handle makes it easy to carry to any place. Also, at the top, you will find the steam holes that pass steam during the heating process to prevent moisture.

Moreover, it possesses the ability to resist high temperature. Also, like the Yescom electric heated lunchboxes, it features a storage space for spoon and fork.

7. 3 in 1 Food Heater Portable Microwave Electric Lunch Boxes with Insulation Bag for Car Truck Office

Product Dimensions: 10.28 x 6.77 x 6.1 inches

Item Weight: 1.7 pounds

This portable meal heater box from A-1ux allows you to reheat your meals on the go so that you can enjoy delicious and hot meals at your office or camping.

It is made up of 100% food-grade PP plastic and stainless steel material to provide durability and safety. Inner stainless steel container is divided into three sections to keep different food items. The lunchbox will slowly and evenly heat up your meals to prevent moisture and keep the same great taste.

The outer cover is made up of plastic that is heat resistant and closes so tightly to keep your food warm for long. It also features two handles to carry the box easily.

Beneath the food tray, there is an extra-large heat emission pan. Also, the lunchbox features indicator light and has a storage space for spoon and fork.

Frequently Asked Question About Best Electric Heated Lunch Box

What is an electric heated lunch box?

An electric heated lunch box is a lunch box that has a heating element inside it. The heating element is usually a small coil of wire, but it can also be a small battery. The coil of wire or battery is wrapped around the bottom of the box and when electricity is applied to it, it generates heat. The heat is used to keep food hot.

Why would I want to use an electric heated lunch box?

Electric heated lunch box is great for keeping food hot. It is convenient and easy to use.

How does it work?

When you turn on the unit, you will see a little light. You will also hear a beeping sound. The light and the beeping sound tell you that the unit is working.

How much does it cost?

An electric heated lunch box usually costs about $20.00 to $50.00.

What do I need to use an electric heated lunch box?

You will need an electric outlet and an electric cord.

What should I look for when buying an electric heated lunch box?

When you are buying an electric heated lunch box, you want to make sure that the unit is safe. Look for an electric heated lunch box that has a small coil of wire or a small battery wrapped around the bottom of the box. Also, look for a model with a thermostat.

Is it safe to use an electric heated lunch box?

Yes, it is safe to use an electric heated lunch box.

Can I use an electric heated lunch box in my school?

n electric heated lunch box is safe to use at school. You can even use it on the bus.

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