Top 5 Bed Frames for California King Beds

California king-size bed frames offer longer length for taller people or for individuals who want a more spacious sleeping experience.

best bed frames for california king
best bed frames for california king

According to research, “almost half of the American adults revealed that they slept on queen-sized (60×80 inch) beds as of January 2024.”

As a matter of fact, almost everyone would like to have a California king-sized bed to sleep on and that is enough to figure out how superior and magnificent it is. Most of the people confine to a smaller bed because of the small size of the bedroom and I think it is a wise decision.

But those who love to give a royal touch to their bedrooms and those who are tired of sleeping with their feet dangling off the end of regular sized beds, they know the worth of California king.

There are different stories about its origin and you can buy any of them you find more interesting but the fact is that the California king size is the top preference of celebrities and athletes especially basket ballplayers. Not to forget, it is also the best choice for those who love being closer to their partners because of its comparatively smaller width than regular king size.

If you are among those interested in buying a California king-sized bed, we are going to review the best bed frames for California King. So, keep reading to know everything you need to know so that you can make an informed decision.

Best Bed Frames For California King Beds 2024

1. Homdock 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame/Sturdy Strong Steel Structure 3000 lbs

Homdock 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame/

Material: Homdock is made of steel pipes with two inches width. The sturdy construction ensures better durability and reliability. It can hold up to 3000 lbs.

Slats: This bed frame comes with steel slats with 6.5 inches spaces in between to ensure ideal support and to extend the life of your mattress.

Design: It is a simple platform bed frame made of strong material. The black finish allows it to integrate with any home décor and 14 inches tall 9 legs are incorporated to provide the support your heavy California King sized mattress needs. It features a recessed design which means the mattress can be fixed inside to prevent sliding.

Storage:  Homdock provides you ample under space up to 13 inches from the floor. You can use the under space as storage and make your room look spacious by putting all the useless stuff underneath.

Noise-free construction: It features noise-free construction to make sure you can have restful nights of sleep.

Headboard & Footboard: Homdock is compatible with headboard and footboard but the boards are not included. Four of its legs come with design holes to fit the headboard and footboard. If you want those, you will have to buy them separately with brackets.

Assembly: This bed frame features an integrated structure which can be assembled easily and quickly.


A durable bed with a large weight holding capacity. It is indeed the best option for a California King sized mattress. It is compatible with the headboard and footboard as well. You would love the under space storage where you can store your out-of-the-season clothes or other stuff occupying the space unnecessarily.

2. ZINUS SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Metal Platform Bed Frame 

ZINUS SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Metal Platform Bed Frame 

Material: This bed frame is made of steel which reliable as well as durable. It will provide an optimum level of support and will serve for years to come.

Slats: It comes with steel made built-in slats meshed with steel wire measures 3 mm in diameter which means this bed frame will not only provide support but will extend the life of your mattress.

Design: This bed frame from ZINUS is a foldable bed frame with sturdy construction. The sleek black finishing allows the bed frame to inconspicuously integrate the home décor. The meshed structure eliminates the need for a box spring. The steel construction features 12 legs to provide superior support.

Noise-free construction: It features a noise-free construction which facilitates better sleep. Feel free to roll over from one side to the other, it won’t squeak.

Storage: ZINUS SmartBase bed frame provides under space that measures up to 14 inches vertically. Now, you can store all the stuff under the bed to make your room look spacious and tidy.

Assembly: This bed frame features a tool-free assembly. It can be assembled quickly and easily.

Warranty: It is backed by one year warranty to protect your investment.


It is a sturdy and strong bed frame with a unique construction that features a meshed structure and 12 legs. The noise-free steel construction will provide optimal support so that you can sleep more soundly. It is a foldable bed frame which means you can also store it to be used when a family friend wants to crash a night at your place.

AmazonBasics bed frame is available at an affordable price.

3. Zinus Michelle Compack 9-Leg Support Bed Frame, for Box Spring and Mattress Set, Cal King

Zinus Michelle Compack 9-Leg Support Bed Frame

Material: This bed frame features steel construction which is sturdy and reliable. It will last longer to provide support to your king size mattress year after year.

Support: It comes with 9 recessed legs with a center bar that ensures the optimal support to your large mattress. The legs are joined inset from the corners so that you won’t hurt your toes while making the bed.

Compatibility: Zinus Michelle Compack is compatible with only box springs and mattress sets. It won’t work with a mattress only.

Assembly: It requires easy assembly and it can be fully assembled in four simple steps. The assembly requires no tools.

Warranty: This bed frame is backed by a five-year worry-free warranty.


The reason we have included this frame in this list is the low cost and sturdy material. The steel construction features an easy locking system and intelligently incorporated legs that can hold on to the weight of your California King sized mattress.

Again, it is available at a very low cost and therefore, a good option but it has no slats and it is compatible only with box spring and mattress set.

4. Lull Platform Bed Frame – Slatted Base – Pine Wood – Easy to Assemble (California King)

Lull Platform Bed Frame - Slatted Base - Pine Wood - Easy to Assemble (California King)

Material: It is a wooden platform bed frame made with solid wood which means real wood. The 100% solid American pine wood construction makes this bed frame sturdy and reliable.

Slats: This bed frame Made of wood slats built with less than 3 inches space in between which is an ideal construction for optimal support.

Design: It is a simple wooden platform bed frame that comes with dark brown finishing showing grains. It incorporates four thick legs firmly fixed and strong wooden slats to provide proper support. Overall, it looks nice.

Assembly: It requires easy assembly even if you have no experience of assembling a bed. You will find the instruction and necessary hardware within the packaging. The whole process will take about 30 minutes.


LUCID is a reliable bed frame. It features solid pine wood construction which will provide useful for a longer period of time. It will support up to 900 lbs and will provide optimal support to your California King sized mattress.

The reason it stands third on our list is the price factor. Otherwise, it is a fantastic bed frame.

5. COMASACH California King Bed Frame : No Box Spring Needed

COMASACH California King Bed Frame

aterial: It features a steel construction that is sturdy and reliable. It is the right choice to support your California king size mattress. It is strong enough to hold the weight of up to 3500 lbs evenly divided on it.

Slats: This bed frame comes with built-in steel slats and meshed wire to provide a perfect foundation to your mattress eliminating the need for a box spring.

Design: It features 9 legs. The elegant black finish enables the bed frame to complement your home décor easily. All in all, a good design for California King sized mattress.

Noise-free construction: COMASACH California King Bed is a noise-free bed frame and won’t squeak even after extended use.

Storage: This bed frame will provide you ample storage space underneath to place. It comes with 14 inches clearance for storage.

Headboard: Furinno Angeland comes with universal brackets to fit a standard-sized headboard. The headboard is not included.

Assembly: It can be easily assembled without using any tool. The assembly will take just a few minutes.


COMASACH is an amazing platform bed frame that can be folded and stored back into its original box, when not in use. It is sturdy and holds an ample amount of weight which means it is perfectly suitable for California King sized mattress.

Benefits Of Bed Frames For California King Beds

California King beds offer unrivaled luxury and comfort. Yet, their benefits multiply with the right bed frame. A solid support system ensures the mattress lasts longer and provides the sleep experience dreamed of. Discover the exclusive perks of choosing a bed frame suited for a California King.

Enhanced Sleep Comfort

A sturdy bed frame keeps a mattress in place. No more slipping or sagging. Good sleep follows a firm foundation. The frame raises the mattress to an ideal height. This prevents cold drafts on the floor from disturbing your sleep.

Added Storage Space

Bed frames can become clever storage solutions. Some frames come with built-in drawers. They hide away clutter effectively. Others provide space underneath. This space is perfect for bins or boxes, keeping bedrooms tidy and spacious.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Bed frames act as a centerpiece. They dictate bedroom ambiance. From minimalist metal frames to rich wood designs, options vary widely. The right frame complements the room's decor. It adds charm and character, making the bedroom a true sanctuary.

Bed Frames Buying Guide for California King Beds:

The following are a few factors you should consider before buying a California King sized bed frame.


It is the most important factor. California king-sized bed frame is slightly narrower but longer than a regular king-sized bed. It occupies a comparatively larger space than most of the beds so it is important to analyze the available space in your room. If you do have enough space but you have a lot of stuff in your room occupying most of it, then you should buy a bed frame with larger under space. It will allow you to move some of the stuff under it to create some space.


The construction of a bed frame is crucially important since the primary function of a bed is to provide ample support. The bed frames made from flimsy material may not provide optimal support for a longer period and may get molded or broken after some time. So, whether you buy a wooden or metal bed frame, make sure find one with sturdy construction.


After a certain time, some beds squeak or make noise when you unconsciously roll over on your bed during the night. I think that is enough to bring you back into consciousness (Pun intended). A noisy or squeaky bed will not let you get a restful sleep. So, buy a bed frame with noise-free construction because you deserve to sleep well after a long day of work.


California King size beds are a luxurious choice for most of the people but fortunately, they are not expensive like other many luxurious items. You can easily find a California King sized bed frame at an affordable.


The bed frames are available in a wide range of designs to suit your particular needs. If you want to give your room a classic look, you may get upholstered bed frames designed in classic styles. If you need just a sturdy bed frame to provide a foundation to your mattress, you will find strong metal bed frames that will complement the surrounding décor inconspicuously. Anyone who is looking for a bed frame that will be used occasionally, go for a foldable bed frame which can be stored easily right after the use.

Durability And Material

Frame's material determines both its durability and maintenance. Metal frames offer strength and are low-maintenance. Wood frames provide a classic look but require more care. Faux leather adds luxury but can wear over time.

  • Metal: Strong, resilient, often lighter than wood.
  • Wood: Solid, durable, with various finishes available.
  • Faux leather: Aesthetic appeal with extra care for longevity.

Style Options

The frame's style should reflect your personal taste and bedroom decor. Sleek metal frames suit modern spaces, wooden frames bring warmth, and upholstered options add coziness.

ContemporaryMinimalistic lines, metals, or mixed materials.
RusticWeathered wood, farmhouse charm.
ClassicTraditional woodwork, timeless elegance.
GlamVelvet upholstery, tufting, or elegant metals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use A ‘King’ Frame For A ‘California King’?

No! The ‘California King’ sized beds are longer, but narrower in width than ‘King’ sized beds and so are their mattresses. A longer mattress will not fit into a shorter frame without using force which can damage your expensive mattress. So, we recommended using the corresponding sizes only.

How You Assemble A ‘California King’ Bed Frame?

Assembly of a bed frame is quite easy. You receive instructions within the packaging which provide a step-by-step guide to assemble a frame. Most of the manufacturers also enclose the hardware required for assembly and some of the bed frames require tool-less assembly.

Which Bed Frame Is The Best For California King Sized Mattress?

All the bed frames reviewed above are excellent performers but we recommend Homdock as the best one. It’s a sturdy and durable bed frame that will provide optimal support and will protect your mattress to extend its life.

How Much Bigger Is A ‘California King’ Bed Frame?

The ‘California King’ bed frame is longer and narrower as compared to a regular ‘King’ sized bed frame. It measures 72 inches (6 feet) in width and 84 inches (7 feet) long.


Selecting the right bed frame for your California king bed enhances both comfort and style. Remember, a sturdy and visually appealing frame can transform your sleep sanctuary. We've discussed varied options to fit any decor need. Your dream bedroom aesthetic is just a frame away—make the choice that promises restful nights and a touch of elegance.

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