How Does a Digital Library Subscription Work

Libraries are more accessible than ever, yet very few seem to be visiting them physically. A poll of 5,000 people by the Survey Center on American Life found that 65% live ten minutes away from a library, but only 3% make the effort to visit regularly. That doesn't mean libraries are defunct; they've just gone digital. A WordsRated study covering 1992 to 2019 found that over 58% of book selections are now online, showing a 113% increase in content since 2009. Those who haven't thought about their local library in a while may not have known they can access library content digitally now. A digital library subscription gives users access to various digital resources, from ebooks to audiobooks and other digital media. These can be accessed through a user's computer or mobile device at home, work, or another location. Here are a few things you need to know:

Understanding digital library subscriptions

What content can you find in them?

Unlike physical libraries, where you can only borrow a few books at a time, digital library subscriptions generally give you access to the entire content library. Therefore, users can access various genres and authors, from genre-bending independent authors to the beloved creators of bestselling franchises. An Everand subscription grants users access to thousands of new ebook and audiobook titles every month. In addition, the platform features exclusive original works by celebrated authors like Stephen King, Roxane Gay, Chuck Palahniuk, and more. Exclusive content on such platforms enhances the enjoyability of the reading experience. Furthermore, this accessibility makes consuming content much more convenient for those with limitations related to mobility, transportation, and the like.

Which formats can you access?

According to Pew Research, three in ten Americans read an ebook in the past twelve months, while one in five listened to an audiobook. Thus, digital library subscriptions tend to provide multiple formats to accommodate various lifestyles and learning styles. On-the-go or auditory learners may benefit from listening to audiobooks. Meanwhile, readers who enjoy highlighting and annotating or want to simulate reading on paper can usually do so with an ebook. The variety of formats also makes it easier to sustain a reading habit.

The value of digital library subscriptions

How much is a digital library subscription?

With the variety of digital libraries out there, there are also price differences. Some libraries can be accessed for about the same price as a cup of coffee. Some repositories, such as those containing peer-reviewed articles, may carry a heftier subscription cost. Other platforms may also offer tier-based memberships, offering more features the higher you pay. However, that's not to say there are no free-to-access libraries. For example, the Historically Black College and University (HBCU) Digital Library Trust provides free access to key documents on African American history, such as manuscripts, memorabilia, and rare audio and video recordings. Since the project is funded by the Presidential Initiative on Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery, these materials can be accessed without a paywall. Free access enhances the community's awareness of digital local libraries, which can help boost an area's education efforts.

What else can you access with a digital library subscription?

According to a Bango survey, the average American pays for five monthly subscriptions, but 34% admit to paying for one they never use. Luckily, a digital library subscription goes beyond just digital library access; it may also be used to enjoy in-person experiences that maximize overall membership value. For instance, cardholders of the Chicago Public Library can also use it to enter the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Botanic Garden, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and more. It also allows members to access learning spaces to create 2D and 3D projects or borrow CDs and vinyls to sample at home. Various digital subscription providers may also partner strategically with streaming services and local bookstores to provide free access or discounts. These extra features make a digital library membership more worthwhile than other single-purpose subscriptions.

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