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Top 10 Best Mini Portable Air Conditioners of 2019 – Reviews

Be careful while selecting a mini portable AC. Here is our list of Top 10 best mini portable air conditioners to give you the best choices in average budget.

Mini Portable Air Conditioning Systems are ideal for those who can’t afford to keep the regular air conditioners at homes, offices or bedrooms. But it doesn’t mean that only those people prefer these units who live in rented apartments and can’t afford to purchase the regular air conditioners. These units are also preferred by the home-owners who want energy efficient and space saving cooling machines that cannot only spread the cold and fresh air throughout the rooms but also add beauty to their home décor.

These mini portable air conditioners come in different models along with different features. Some offer excellent cooling power, and some models work both as a cooler and heater. But as there are different manufacturers and models of portable air conditioners with distinctive features, it is not easy to buy the best one without doing research.

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Therefore, we have gathered some of the best mini portable air conditioners and enlisted them in the article to help you in selecting the best one according to your needs and budget. Also, there is a guide on the factors that are required to consider when purchasing the best AC unit.

Mini Portable Air Conditioner – Buyer’s Guide

When planning to purchase the best mini portable air conditioner, you need various factors to consider that are discussed below.

Unit Size

The unit size of the portable air conditioner is the first thing that you should look into. These small AC units usually come with the 25 to 35 inches height and 12 to 18 inches width. So, when going to buy the AC, make sure that its height, width, and weight are according to your needs.

But in order to buy the compactly sized air conditioner, don’t comprise on the performance. If you have low space available, go with those units that cover the minimal space. But, if you want the AC for large rooms, height and weight are important to consider. Moreover, portability is also necessary to consider, but after finding the perfect spot near the electrical outlet or window, there will be no need to move the unit.

Cooling Power

Cooling of Air Conditioner

The cooling power of the air conditioner is another most important factor to note down. BTU is the unit of measuring the cooling power of the portable ACs. So, the higher the BTU rating, the higher will be the speed to remove the heat from the air that will make the room cool faster.

But many manufacturers don’t mention the exact BTU power and it always comes lower than expected. But, many air conditioners possess the ability to make the rooms cool even at reduced BTU levels which is a great thing.

Generally, 20 BTU requires making one square feet area cooler, so you can easily calculate how much BTU power you will need to make your room cool according to its size.

But it is also necessary to count other factors such as climate, the height of the room, window size, humidity, and the direct sunlight that reaches to your room.

So, before going to purchase the mini portable air conditioner, measure the size of the room to have an estimated cooling power in your mind. Also, consider the other factors including the environmental ones.

Noise level

Noise level is also another factor that is not essential, but you can take into consideration. Some portable air conditioners produce very less sound during operation, and there are some that are quite louder. So, it is best to go with a quieter unit if you always need total silence in the room while sleeping.

The noise level that the portable AC produce falls between the range of 50dB to 80dB. So, it is better to focus on the noise level before purchasing to get the unit that makes less noise.


Control of Portable AC

Some portable air conditioners are controlled with remote controls and louvers, whereas some are controlled manually. It all depends on your needs what type of controls you want in your unit.

Some models restart automatically after the power interruption on the same settings. Also, some units offer 24-hour on/off timer that automatically turns them on and off when required.

Other features

  • The unit that works both as a cooler and heater is ideal to purchase so that you don’t need to wrap up the unit in the winter season.
  • Units with improved air circulation and ventilation are also ideal to go with. The models that come with the auto-swing option are best to purchase.
  • The self-evaporating system is also necessary to have as it cuts down the need for emptying the water tank.

1. Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter ARC 14S

Buy from Amazon

The best eco-friendly mini portable air conditioner is the Whynter ARC-14S. It has a capacity of cooling up to a 500 square feet space and consumes maximum power of 1250 W/ 10.8 A.

The unit has three operational modes: Air conditioner, Fan or Dehumidifier, and is featured with an advanced self-evaporating technology that is responsible for producing cool air and reducing condensate development by using and recycling the moisture gathered during the cooling process. The carbon air filter and the washable pre-filter are made for keeping the cold air clean and fresh throughout the day.

Also, its auto-restart function restarts the unit on the same setting after the power interruption. Moreover, you can set the timer according to your needs to turn on or off the air conditioner automatically at any time in the 24 hours.

Additionally, the unit also works as a dehumidifier when needed.


  • 3 operational modes
  • 14,000 BTU power
  • Self-evaporating technology
  • 24-hour programmable timer
  • Window installation kit
  • Carbon air filter and washable pre-filter
  • Powerful motor
  • Direct drain option (upper and lower)
  • Auto start feature
  • Remote controlled


  • Sometimes the unit makes noise

2. Honeywell MN12CES 12000 BTU Portable AC

Honeywell MN12CES 12000 BTU Portable AC

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Another energy-saving mini portable air conditioner is the MN12CES from Honeywell. It possesses the capacity of cooling up to a 400 to 550 square feet space and has an auto-evaporation system that requires no water to drain. Also, the AC has dual drainage options for higher humidity rooms.

The unit is featured with a washable filtration system that produces clean and dust free cool air along with extending the life of the AC. Also, the compressor and motor are protected with thermal overload for additional safety.

The air conditioner uses dual motor technology that keeps the noise to minimal levels. Its smart digital thermostat system allows controlling the room climate with ease. The full function remote control allows changing the settings across the room. Also, the unit has a front-facing control panel display with feather-touch controls that makes it easy to change the settings according to your needs.


  • Auto-evaporation system
  • 24-hour energy saving timer
  • Easy installation for vertical and horizontal windows
  • 3 in 1 technology
  • Full set window kit
  • Works as a dehumidifier
  • 12,000 BTU power
  • Digital display
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Remote controlled


  • Generates some noise

3. Black + Decker 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Unit

Black + Decker 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Unit

Buy from Amazon

This Black + Decker unit is perfect for your rooms to keep them cool in summers and warm in winters. It has a 12000 BTU air conditioning unit that keeps the 150 to 250 square feet space cool in summers, and its 1000 BTU heating unit keeps the 200 to 235 square feet space warm in the winter season.

The air conditioner has four operational modes that include cooling, fan, dehumidification, and heater mode. It is also a bucket less unit that produces very little operational noise. The machine is designed in such a manner that it generates strong airflow through its vertical motion system that provides constant temperatures all day long.

The unit is also equipped with a slide-out filter that is easy to wash and provides fresh cool air. Also, the machine has an LED digital display with soft touch controls. Moreover, it offers on/off timer that works for 24 hours and a sleep mode to save energy.


  • 4 operational modes
  • 24 hour on/off timer
  • Sleep mode
  • Remote controlled
  • Window kit included
  • 12,000 BTU power
  • Bucket-less design
  • Consistent temperature control


  • Requires a bit high maintenance

4. LG LP0817WSR 115V Portable Air Conditioner

LG LP0817WSR 115V Portable Air Conditioner

Buy from Amazon

Another best mini portable air conditioner that is perfect for cooling a room up to 150 square feet is the LP0817WSR from LG. It also works as a dehumidifier, and its auto-evaporation system works efficiently along with the 24-hour on/off programmable timer. No matter whether you are in your room or not, it controls the temperature precisely.

The unit uses auto swing air vent technology that ensures every part of your room gets the cool and fresh air throughout.  It is also equipped with the top, inclined air discharge with auto swing louvers to throw out the hot spots.

The unit is an ideal climate control solution and uses 115V/ 15 amp electrical outlets to work.


  • Auto-evaporation system
  • 8000 BTU power
  • 24 hour on/off timer
  • Auto swing air vent technology
  • Works as a dehumidifier
  • Window installation kit
  • Water full indicator
  • Inclined air discharge


  • Pretty louder

5. Global Air 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Global Air 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Cooling

Buy from Amazon

The Global Air Portable Air Conditioner is a powerful cooling machine that keeps a room up to 400 square feet cool and comfortable. The unit spreads the fresh and cool air throughout the room with its 4-way air direction and 2-speed cooling and fans.

It uses a self-evaporative system that uses and recycles the condensing water to avoid water drainage. Also, the unit has a digital LED control panel that allows adjusting the settings accurately. Moreover, it comes with a remote control to easily play with the unit across the room.

The Global Air conditioner is also featured with over-cold protection three minutes restart delay function. Also, it is equipped with an anti-frozen function and blows the cool air in the upward direction.

Moreover, the unit also allows you to use the active carbon filters for the filtering purpose.


  • Cooling condenser
  • 4-way air distribution
  • 10,000 BTU power
  • Windows installation kit
  • Restart delay function


  • The self-evaporating system is not up to the mark

6. Honeywell CSO71AE Compact Portable Evaporative Cooler

Honeywell CSO71AE Compact Portable Evaporative Cooler

Buy from Amazon

The CSO71AE evaporative cooler from Honeywell is ideal for keeping different spots cool like beds, sofas, and small workspaces. It is a powerful, low energy cooling solution for hot and dry climates. Also, it works as a humidifier in the winter season.

The unit only consumes the energy up to 32W for the highest setting. Also, it is equipped with a patented brushless motor technology that offers five settings for speed to select gentle humidity or spot cooling easily. Moreover, the cooler is featured with a low-energy quiet mode that makes the nights quiet and that is best for the light sleepers.

This portable cooler uses active carbon filters that are easy to wash and keep the dust and other contaminants away. Also, it has the 7.5 hours programmable timer and is featured with a full function remote control.


  • Energy efficient
  • No refrigerant gas used
  • Five settings for speed
  • Uses active carbon filters
  • Low-energy quiet mode


  • Water meter is unreliable

7. Haier HPC12XCR Portable Electronic Air Conditioner

Haier Portable Electronic Air Conditioner

Buy from Amazon

Another mini portable air conditioner that is perfect in terms of size and performance is the HPC12XCR from Haier. The unit has the capacity of cooling up space up to 450 square feet and is featured with three cooling and fans speeds that circulate the cool and fresh air throughout the room. The digital display panel is on the top of the unit that allows you to see the current settings with ease. Also, it is featured with a remote control to change the temperature and other settings, and it works well from quite a distance. Moreover, the air conditioner features a 24-hour programmable timer and a dehumidifying mode to eliminate the humidity.

Other features of the air conditioner include a self-evaporative draining system, slide-out mesh filter for easy cleaning and keeping the air fresh and clean, and a window exhaust kit with 5.0 feet exhaust hose length.


  • Self-evaporating system
  • 24 hour programmable timer
  • Slide-out mesh filter
  • Digital display unit
  • Dehumidifying mode


  • A bit noisy
  • Cool air goes straight up

8. Frigidaire 12,000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Portable Air Conditioner

Frigidaire 12,000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Portable Air Conditioner

Buy from Amazon

A smart cylinder shaped mini portable air conditioner is the new 12,000 BTU Cool Connect unit from Frigidaire. This unique shaped air conditioner has the capacity to keep the space cool up to 550 square feet.

The best thing about this air conditioner is that it can be controlled from anywhere at any time. The Frigidaire app allows you to control the unit from your smart device remotely.

The air conditioner circulates the cool and fresh air all over the place. The 360-degree airflow sends the cool air in the upward direction, and the continuous spiral spreads it all around the place.

Other features of the AC include 24-hour on/off timer, auto cool function, and the energy saving mode.


  • Frigidaire app allows controlling the air conditioner remotely
  • 12,000 BTU power
  • 3 cooling speeds and 3 fan speeds
  • Auto cool function
  • Energy saving and sleep mode


  • Unit is heavier
  • Noisy
  • Window kit is too short

9. Whynter Elite ARC-122DHP Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

9. Whynter Elite ARC-122DHP Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

Buy from Amazon

The Whynter Elite ARC-122DHP is a portable air conditioner as well as a heater. It has a 12,000 BTU cooling power and 10,000 BTU heating power. Also, it works well in the rooms up to 400 square feet.

The unit is featured with 4 operational modes: Cool, Heat, Fan, and Dehumidify. It uses a self-evaporative system that eliminates almost all the condensate, and for the additional condensate, it has an internal condensate auto pump to fight against the condensate in high humidity conditions.

The air conditioner also uses a carbon air filter and washable pre-filter to produce clean and fresh air. It also works as a dehumidifier and is equipped with upper and lower direct drainage options.

The other features include digital and remote control, auto restart function after the power interruption and a 24-hour programmable timer.


  • 4 operational modes
  • Carbon air filter and washable pre-filter
  • Auto restart
  • Internal condensate auto pump


  • Design flaw
  • The fan is very loud
  • Hose connectors are garbage

10. NewAir AF-310 Evaporative Cooler

NewAir AF-310 Evaporative Cooler

Buy from Amazon

The NewAir AF-310 is a decent evaporative cooler that works best in the low humidity conditions. This cooling machine is 3 feet tall and perfect for cooling the spaces up to 150 square feet.

It is a 3-in-1 machine that works as a swamp cooler, a tower fan, and a humidifier. The unit circulates the fresh and cool air with the help of 60 degrees oscillation. Also, the icebox is responsible for providing maximum cooling power.

The unit produces moisturized cool air with the help of the evaporative cooling system and is featured with a water level indicator and a 7.5-hour programmable timer. Also, the air cooler has various options to control it according to your needs.

Other features include three fan speeds and nature and sleep modes.


  • 3-in-1 technology
  • Evaporative cooling system
  • 3 fan speeds


  • Water reservoir leaks sometimes
  • Swamp cooling effect doesn’t work best
  • Costly

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