Best Disc Golf Baskets of 2023 With Reviews and Buyers Guide

Best Disc Golf Baskets
Best Disc Golf Baskets

Disc golf is a great source of pleasure for many people in the world. It is not a specified game. Even anyone can play it, but the game is not all about throwing a Frisbee. It is to put the Frisbee into a chain basket kept on a particular distance.

Well, before participating in a competition, it is wise to get a portable disc golf basket and practice well at home. Setting up the basket is not a difficult task. You have different opportunities to set it up. You can form a small course on the beach, in the backyard or in your lawn.

There are hundreds of disc golf baskets available in the market by famous brands. But do not buy any of them until you come to know some useful tips to buy the best disc golf basket. If you’re just starting playing disc golf then also check our previous guide about best disc golf bags and Discs.

Disc Golf Basket Styles

Disc golf basket is available in different styles. First, make your mind what kind of disc golf basket you want to purchase. See below the detail about different styles of disc golf basket.

Foldable basket: It is a foldable basket that can easily collapse if you want to carry it to some other place. The basket is lightweight. It is often available with a carry bag. However, you can buy it separately too.

Narrow basket: it is made of thin plastic and the target area is also very thin. So, this kind of basket is considered the best for putters. However, gradually, you need to use some wider baskets too along with a narrow one. These are a bit thinner and good for practice for long distance and midrange.

Regular Baskets: These are perfect for beginners and easy to hit for everyone. But these baskets are expensive as compared to the narrow and foldable baskets. These baskets are made to spit out a few discs. However, these are a bit heavier to carry.

Difference between Portable and Permanent Basket

If you are planning to buy a portable basket, here is some more information for you. Go through the points below to know the difference between portable and permanent basket.

Heavy-Duty Basket: It is a kind of regular basket but you can consider it portable due to folding quality.  But it is quite heavy to carry with you. If you want to take it with you somewhere, you need sufficient space in your car for it. Most of the people think that they are good to use for an event, but not appropriate for carrying somewhere.

Light-Duty Basket: It is also a kind of regular basket, but much lighter than the heavy-duty basket. It comes with a few chains that make it lighter to carry away. So, you can take it easily anywhere as this basket occupies less space.

Foldable Baskets: In a foldable basket, composites of metals are used to make the targets. So, the outer layer and targets are easy to collapse. You can carry them anywhere with you. The foldable basket does not occupy much space in your car. However, the durability of the foldable basket is a bit lower as compared to the regular baskets.

All the above baskets come with a stand. Remember, currently, 90% of baskets in the market are portable. It is to facilitate the players more and more. You can also buy a portable disc golf basket if you are a beginner. It is available at an affordable price and easy to handle with.

Best Disc Golf Baskets

Let’s head over to the list of top 5 disc golf baskets:

1. MVP Black Hole Pro HD 30-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket Target

MVP Black Hole Pro HD 30-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket Target

MVP Disc Sports present a heavy-duty disc golf basket. It comes with 30 heavy zinc-coated chains in three tiers. 12 chains have been in the outer layer, 12 in middle and 6 chains in the inner layer.

The structure of the chains reduces the risk of cut through discs and pole bounces.

This heavy duty chain basket is made of metal and durable for a long time.

The structure is quite easy to assemble and disassemble. You can unite and separate the parts within half a minute.

It fulfills all standards set by PDGA in size and height.


  • Heavy Duty regular disc golf basket
  • Contains 30 target chains
  • The structure allows you to meet the target easily
  • Best for midrange game


  • Heavy to carry somewhere

2. Innova DISCatcher Traveler Target – Portable, Lightweight Disc Golf Basket

Innova DISCatcher Traveler Target – Portable, Lightweight Disc Golf Basket

Innova presents easy to transport and lightweight disc golf chain basket. You can transport it quickly with you. The basket occupies less space in your car.

The one-action setup quality of this disc golf basket makes it distinguished among all of its rivals.

It has 12 steel chains in the outer layer that work as a permanent target.

The basket contains 5 legs for proper support. These legs help it to stay on a wide and uneven surface.

The product is lightweight and weighs only 15 pounds. It is the lightest product made by Innova.

A wider basket tray is made of mesh that comes with durability, lightweight and quick-drying qualities. So, it withstands in the wind too.

It is a perfect basket for camping in parks or on mountains. It is also great for events and competitions due to its extra-wide tray.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Chains made of strong and durable mesh
  • Contains 12 chains


  • The target can be missed easily if used by beginners

3. DGA Mach Lite Portable Disc Golf Practice Basket

DGA Mach Lite Portable Disc Golf Practice Basket

DGA Mach Lite is a reliable disc golf basket. It is easy to move due to its folding quality. You can move it easily as it occupies less space in your car.

It is a high-quality disc golf chain basket and best for beginners and professional players.

You can set it up easily within half a minute. The easy to wrap and foldable structure makes it distinguished among all disc golf baskets.

DGA Mach Lite is a lightweight chain basket and easy to carry if you want to practice somewhere else. The weight of the product is only 25 pounds.

The zinc-plated DGA Mach Lite frame makes it lightweight and durable to withstand bright sunlight and rain.

The three-legged stand makes it stable against severe wind and on uneven places like mountains.


  • Easy to fold, lightweight and easy to move
  • Zinc plated metal chains make it durable
  • Affordable price


  • Not suitable for outdoor installation permanently

4. MVP Black Hole Pro 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket Target & Accessories

MVP Black Hole Pro 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket Target & Accessories

It is MVP Black Hole Pro basket with 24 chains in total. The chains are zinc coated metal to withstand harsh wind and sharp sunlight.

12 chains are in the outer layer and 12 in the inner layer. The equidistant gap makes it a perfect disc golf basket for midrange and long distance game. The evenly placed target chains do not let you miss your hits.

It is a lightweight basket and perfects to carry with you anywhere.

The basket is approved by PDGA and built according to the height and size regulated by PDGA standard.

The metal construction of the basket makes it suitable to play in outdoor scenes like on the beach, disc golf courses and in the sharp sunlight.

The round heavy stand makes it easier to stand against sharp wind.

It is foldable and you can assemble or disassemble it in half a minute.


  • Lightweight
  • 24 zinc-coated metal chains in dual layer
  • Assembling/dissembling in half a minute
  • PDGA approved


  • It is not appropriate for a short distance

5. Dynamic Discs Light Weight Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket

Dynamic Discs Light Weight Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket

It is durable and a good chain basket for practice anywhere.

The PGDA approved size ensures your practice more productive and useful.

The product can be set up quick and take down for on-the-go practice. So, it is easy to carry anywhere.

It is made of high-quality steel and the chains are zinc-coated to last for years. The steel and zinc coating make them weather resistant.

The product is best to practice in the backyard, home, park or schoolyard.


  • A lightweight frame made of high-quality steel
  • Durable
  • Heavy-duty disc golf basket


  • Heavy-weight chains

Best Disc Golf Baskets – Buyer’s Guide

Now, you have a clearer view of the baskets available in the market and their types. It’s time to know what kind of disc golf basket you need to select. There are some important factors you need to consider while selecting an appropriate disc golf basket for you. Here they are.

Budget: First thing to keep in your mind is to set a price range according to your budget and affordability. Just think twice how much you want to spend on buying a disc golf basket. You know everything about regular and portable baskets. So, you can make your mind whether you want to spend on a portable or regular basket. There are some cheap and expensive baskets. You can check the price range and select a suitable one.


The portable basket with folding ability will be the best option for you. It is easy to carry somewhere for practice. The best disc golf basket is that which folds easily to be carried in a carry bag. The foldable baskets are lightweight and easy to handle with. If you often go for outdoor practice, you need the foldable disc golf basket indeed. These are a kind of temporary baskets, but due to easy portability, the people prefer them particularly in the tournaments.

Narrow Target

If you are a beginner, you need to select a narrow target or smaller target basket. It is good for improving the putting technique. These are not good for tournaments or leagues because they cannot catch discs accurately. Hence, you can use them for practice. If you are learning to play disc golf, you can use it for practice only. But, make your mind that you are going to lose a lot of targets due to its narrow and smaller targets.

On-Course Experience

While purchasing a disc golf basket, you need to check a basket that gives you a real on-course feeling. If it is not a realistic basket, you will not be able to practice well. So, check the dimensions of the basket before purchasing it. Also, check whether it is a PDGA approved basket or not? If you are still in a chaotic situation, select a basket on the basis of the number of chains. If it has 24 chains, it is good for your practice (24 chains should be in total: 12 chains outside, 6 in middle and 6 inside).


The disc golf basket should be easily portable. So consider the weight of the basket before you make a purchase. If you buy a heavy basket, it may not be easily portable and you cannot carry it with you for practicing outside. In weight options, there is a wide range of portable disc baskets. You can check the weight and select a lightweight disk golf basket. See the material too. If it is made of high-quality plastic, it will be lightweight. So, check the material and avoid purchasing a disc golf basket made of metal.

How Does a Disc Golf Basket Work?

The disc golf basket is an important aspect in a disc golf course. In regular golf, the golf holes contain the ball. The same function is performed by the disc golf basket in the disc golf. When you throw the disc and it falls into the basket by touching the chains of the basket, it means you have completed the target. If you have thrown 10 discs, your points will be added up by counting the number of success and a total number of throwing the disc. There are two types of disc golf basket: permanent and portable. The permanent disc golf baskets are available in the disc golf courses. In the universities, colleges, and backyards, you can use the portable ones to practice your game.


To conclude that to buy a perfect disc golf basket for your practice, you need to select according to your budget. See your affordability. Select a lightweight, durable and strong golf basket. It should not occupy much space in your car if you want to carry it with you. Check the number of chains too. If you are a beginner in disc golf, select a basket with more number of chains so that you may not miss your hit.

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