Top 6 Best Disc Golf Discs of 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Disc Golf Discs
Best Disc Golf Discs

If you are crazy for golf, you will also be a great fan of disc golf that is also known as Frolf. It is a kind of golf and very similar in the structure. In golf, you usually hit a ball to put into a hole on a grass course by using a club.

In the Disc golf, you throw a plastic disc instead of a ball to put into a metal basket. The trees are obstacles in your way and you have a course of nine or 18 baskets.

The rules of playing disc golf and golf are the same. The techniques are also the same in both the games. Disc golfers use different discs, drivers and putters to play the game. The people use to play it in the courses in local parks for amusement, but the game has a professional disc golf association known as PGA.

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Best Disc Golf Discs

1. Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Disc Golf Starter Set – Best Discs for Wind

Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Disc Golf Starter Set

This starter set is perfect for the players to throw against a heavy wind. There are four discs including Judge, Truth, Trespass, and Escape.

The Judge shows stunning performance in flying against the wind and hitting the basket. This incredible putter allows you an amazing experience of disc throwing.

The Truth has the ability to fly over midranges. It also comes with more stability in the wind.

The Escape has the best glide skills. So, you need to throw it with less power to hit the chains accurately.

Trespass is a high-speed driver to cover more distance ranges other than the midrange. While throwing trespass, forget about early fade or quick turn.

The wide rim of trespass allows you to hold it comfortably.


  • Easy to grip due to the wide rim
  • Comes with four different discs to cover mid-range to longer distance
  • Disc with best gliding skill also included in it
  • Made of fine quality plastic
  • Easy to throw against heavy wind
  • Best for beginners


  • None

2. Innova Disc Golf Starter Set – Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

Innova Disc Golf Starter Set

It is the best disc golf discs set for the beginners designed by the experienced disc golfers. The discs are easy to grab and throw. The set includes Aviar Putter, Mid-range disc, TeeBird, Leopard and Dragon to give you an advantage in competitions. These are not very fast and the beginners can start with them easily while controlling various distances.

The disc also contains a scoresheet and Driven mini discs. The diameter of mini discs varies from 2.5” to 6”. Innova offers 30 days money back guarantee for this if you are not satisfied with the qualities.


  • Easy to grip
  • Easy to throw
  • Covers short distance
  • Best for beginners
  • Driven Mini Discs added


  • Only for beginners

3. Innova Champion Leopard Fairway Driver Golf Disc – Best Golf Disc for Backhand

Innova Champion Leopard Fairway Driver Golf Disc

Innova presents a high-quality plastic golf disc for backhand. The disc comes with exceptional flight ratings when thrown into the air. It has a speed rating at 6, glide rating at 5 and turn rating at -2 and fade rating at 1. With exceptional speed, it covers the midrange and above distance accurately. It is not only for beginners but also suitable for the professional players due to the best speed rating.

The diameter of the rim allows you to grip the disc easily before throwing into the air.


  • Fairway driver for beginners and professional disc golf players
  • Stunning glide rating for an easy throw
  • Covers long distance
  • Easy to grip due to a thicker rim
  • Easy to throw straight for long distance
  • Available in different colors


  • Not good to cover short distances
  • A bit pricey

4. Innova Star Mako3 – Best Golf Disc for Advanced Players

Innova Star Mako3 – Best Golf Disc for Advanced Players

Innova brings an exceptional choice for advanced players. Mako3 is made of Star plastic and the weight is according to the recommendation of The Professional Disc Golf Association, i.e. 165 to 180gm. It is available in different colors. The 21.7cm thicker diameter is best for a rough and tough game. The thicker rim allows gripping the disc perfectly. It is available in different light and dark colors. The disc is perfect for dead straight or hyzer shots. It is the best to cover the longer distance as it comes with a speed rating 5, and glide 5.


  • Comes with perfect gripping due to the thicker rim
  • Perfect for dead straight and hyzer shots
  • Covers long distance with speed rating 5 and glide 5
  • Best for rough and tough games
  • Weight according to the PDGA


  • Not for beginners

5. Discraft Avenger SS Elite Z Golf Disc – Best Golf Disc for Sidearm

Discraft Avenger SS Elite Z Golf Disc

It can cover maximum distance swiftly. The excellent speed of Discraft Avenger SS makes it the first preference of the disc golf players for Sidearm. The disc stability rating is 0.5 that is considered exceptionally good. It goes smoothly through the air to hit the chains of the basket. The disc is perfect for midrange and long distance as it does not flip over in the moderate wind.


  • Available in different colors
  • Best for midrange and long distance
  • Perfect for experienced players due to its stability rating
  • Does not flip over in the moderate wind
  • Best for sidearm
  • Available in different sizes from 160 – 174


  • Costly due to premium quality plastic

6. Westside Discs Origio Burst Underworld Fairway Disc Golf Driver

Westside Discs Origio Burst Underworld Fairway Disc Golf Driver

It has been particularly designed for beginners. With 7 speed rating, 6 Glide, 3 turn and 1 Fade rating, it becomes distinguished for the beginners players.

The rim of ‎Westside Discs is thick from center and wider from the sides. So, it makes it easier to cover more distances with a swift movement. The flight rating may be incredible for you. You can get the accurate flight results if you bend the disc before throwing.


  • Comes with a swift speed rating at 7.
  • 100% Money Back GUARANTEE
  • Available in different colors
  • Rim thinner on one side to provide a firmer grip


  • Not suitable for all players

Types Of Discs

Disc golf is an exhilarating sport. You need the right type of disc. There are four main types. Each serves a unique purpose. Let's explore distance drivers, fairway drivers, mid-range discs, and putters. Knowing when to use each can make a huge difference in your game.

Distance Drivers

Distance drivers are the speedsters of disc golf, designed to cover long distances quickly. They have sharp edges and thin profiles, allowing them to slice through the air. However, they require considerable power to throw effectively, making them a favorite among experienced players. These are typically the discs you'll grab when you have a wide-open fairway and need maximum range. Key points of these:

  • Built for speed
  • Best for long open fairways
  • Require good technique to control

Fairway Drivers

Fairway drivers offer a balance of distance and control. They are not as fast as distance drivers but provide a straighter flight path and easier handling. Perfect for intermediate throws, fairway drivers work well when accuracy is just as important as distance. These discs are ideal when tackling tight fairways or making precision shots.

  • Great for controlled drives
  • Easier to handle for beginners
  • Useful for narrow fairways

Mid-Range Discs

Mid-range discs are the all-rounders in your disc golf arsenal. Designed with versatility in mind, they feature rounded edges and a balanced profile for comfortable grip and release. The flight of mid-range discs is predictable, making them reliable for strategic approaches to the basket. These discs are a staple for both beginners and seasoned players.

  • Perfect for technical shots
  • Stable and predictable in flight
  • Good for all skill levels


Putters are the key to a successful finish. With their thick edges and deep rims, putters ensure the highest level of control and are used for short-range tosses into the basket. Their design promotes a stable, straight flight necessary for accurate putting. Players count on these discs to sink shots and shave strokes off their rounds.

  • Designed for short-range
  • Best for accuracy over distance
  • Essential in every player's bag

Buying Guide

It is quite confusing to select the right kind of disc golf discs. If you search online, there are hundreds of discs available for disc golf. All of them are available in a variety of plastics, weight, color, and flexibility. So, it can be confusing to select the right disc. If you are a newbie to buy the disc golf discs for the first time, follow the instructions below to select the best disc golf discs for your game.

Frisbee VS Disc Golf

First thing you need to clarify is that the flying object you use to throw into the baskets is known as a disc. It is not Frisbee. Commonly people call it Frisbee, but it is disc actually. You cannot call it Frisbee. Frisbee is a registered trademark for Wham-O toy Company. So, the discs used for disc golf are purely the golf discs, simply discs, and frolf discs.

Types of Golf Discs and Their Usage

Basically, there are four types of discs used in disc golf. They are known as “Distance drivers, Fairway drivers, Midrange discs and Putters.” The difference in all these discs is based on their swift flight and the fine edges to cut through the air.

Distance Drivers

These discs have been designed to cut through the air to cover more distance with swift flight. They move through the air at a higher speed. They can fly as higher as more than 400 ft when you throw them with right technique and power. When you do not know how much power to use, they cover less distance and the movement is also not steady.

Mostly these discs have thick rims about 2.1cm or more. The speed rating is perfectly at 10.

Control/Fairway Drivers

These discs do not cover the distance faster as compared to Distance Drivers. However, they have been designed to cover the distance with mild speed. They are thinner and more stand. When you throw them with right power, they can cover the desired distance with impressive steady movement. The beginners in disc golf should select the Fairway Discs instead of using the Distance Drivers in the beginning. They can perform better by using the fairway drivers.

Midrange Discs

Midrange discs as the name suggests are used to throw at less distance. So, the flight of these discs is also not so swift. It has rounded and thinner, but less aerodynamic edges. These discs are perfect for the beginners to practice the game perfectly.


Putt and Approach discs come with the slowest flight ability. When you throw them through the air, you will see them moving slowly towards the basket. So, these discs can be controlled easily. They fly more steadily and straightly towards the target basket. That’s why these are highly recommended for the beginners.

Disc Golf Flight Path System

While deciding to buy the right disc golf discs, you need to check the disc golf flight path system too. The general flight rating system can be divided into four categories known as “Speed, Glide, Turn and Fade.”

Speed: Speed of the discs is a more important factor. The swift speed of your disc through the air can make you the winner. The discs with the best flight ability come with 13-14 speed ratings. The slow discs come with a 1-2 speed rating. The midrange discs have 4-5 speed rating whereas; the putters come with 3 and below ratings.

The beginners in disc golf do not know much about the concept of speed. Let me make it clear. If you are using a lightweight disc with speed 6, it will fly far better than a disc with speed 13. With higher speed discs, the rims are thicker and harder.

Glide: Glide is the ability of any disc to stay in the air. Every disc has a glide number. A higher glide number shows higher stability of a disc to stay in the air. It should be considered if you need to cover a short distance. The glide rate on the discs is 1 – 7.

Stability: When you throw a disc into the air, the ability to fly straight is known as stability. If it is moving in a curved way towards left or right, it has less stability. Usually, when the right-handed player throws a disc into the air, it goes slightly towards the left side with a curved movement. The stability depends on the force you put to throw the disc. The force makes it more or less stable. The stability is divided into four categories: Understable, Stable, Over Stable and Very Overstable.

Turn: Next factor to consider is the Turning tendency towards the right when thrown with extreme power. The players throwing a disc at less than 200 feet will not notice a turn in their disc. However, throwing the disc for more than 200 ft will show the turning tendency clearly. Turn rating goes from 1-5 and the turning No. 5 means the most understable disc according to turning tendency.

Fade: Innova, DGA, Legacy, and Latitude of the disc show the fade rating. It goes up to 5.

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Choosing Plastic Type

The disc golf discs are available in various types of plastics in the market. The beginners do not know how to check the quality of the material. See the types below to know what kind of material you need to select.

  • Basic Plastics: These are known as DX, Pro D, D-Line, Prime and Retro Line. The top US disc manufacturers: Innova and Discraft offer a bit cheaper discs. These are made of lower quality plastic. However, these discs come with a good grip and cover the distance swiftly. These poor quality discs are less stable and get scratches with the passage of time. For drivers, these are not suitable. For beginners, these discs are recommended only if they have chances to lose their disc while throwing.
  • Middle Grade: These discs are made of a bit good quality plastic such as Pro, P-Line, Latitude 64 Recycled, and Biofuzion, etc. It is more durable disc, but the stability decreases if you have thrown your disc in sharp trees. It can also get scratches. Mostly, the disc golfers prefer middle-grade discs.
  • Ultra Durable: These are good quality discs made of smooth and very hard plastic. These discs are perfect to throw into sharp trees and against the brick wall. However, the grip on the ultra-durable disc is not very strong.
  • Ultra Light: It is the latest thing for the disc golfers. It covers more distance due to its less weight. It is ultra light in weight and the advanced players can take advantage of using them. However, they are not suitable for the beginners.
  • Premium Plastics: The disc made of premium plastic comes with perfect grip and stunning durability. These are a bit expensive as compared to ultralight and Ultra Durable discs. But these discs are perfect for beginners to practice of throwing them on more distance.

Player Skill Level

Your skill level heavily influences the best disc choice. Discs vary in stability and ease of use. Stability is a disc’s resistance to turning over in flight.

Skill LevelStability Preference
BeginnerUnderstable (Easier to throw)
IntermediateStable (Versatile performance)
AdvancedOverstable (Consistent in wind)

Start with understable discs if you are new to the game. They tend to fly straighter for less powerful throws. As you improve, explore stable and overstable discs to shape different flight paths.

Disc Weight

Weight affects how a disc flies. Heavier discs require more power but offer more wind resistance. Lighter discs are easier to throw but can be unpredictable in strong winds.

  1. Choose heavier discs (175-180g) for windy conditions and forehand throws.
  2. Opt for mid-range weights (165-175g) for a good balance of control and distance.
  3. Select lighter weights (150-165g) for beginners to learn control and build strength.

Children and seniors might prefer lighter discs for playability. Assess your physical strength and throwing technique to find the right weight for your style.

Disc Color

Disc golf discs are available in different colors such as yellow, green and orange, etc. Light colored discs are good to play on the green grassy course. If you are playing on dead grass, you can select your desired color.

Disc Dimensions

According to the regulations of The Professional Disc Golf Association, the disc dimensions should be appropriate. Follow the dimensions given below to select a disc golf disc.

Diameter: the diameter should be between 21 and 21.4 only.

Height: The height of the disc should be less. An average disc is 1.65 cm tall. It should be up to 1.97cm.

Rim Height & Width: Check the rim height and width too. Rim is the area from where you grip the disc. The thickness should be relatively flat and easily greppable.

Factors That Affect Disc Flight

The flight of a disc is affected by a variety of factors, including wind conditions and player technique. Here are some key points to consider when it comes to these factors:

  • Wind conditions can have a significant impact on the flight of your disc. Headwinds can cause more turn and less fade, while tailwinds can cause less turn and more fade. Crosswinds can make it difficult to control the flight of your disc.
  • Player technique also plays a role in the flight of your disc. The angle of release, the amount of spin, and the power of the throw can all affect the trajectory of the disc. It's important to develop good throwing technique in order to achieve your desired flight.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Disc Golf Discs

How Do I Choose A Disc For Disc Golf?

Consider your skill level; beginners should opt for lighter, more understable discs. Assess the disc's weight and plastic type for comfort and durability. Choose a varied selection, including drivers, mid-ranges, and putters for different shots. Read reviews and consult experienced players for recommendations.

What Discs Should I Start With For Disc Golf?

Beginners in disc golf should start with a putter, a mid-range disc, and a fairway driver. Choose discs with a stable flight pattern and lighter weights for easier control and better technique development.

How Many Discs Do You Really Need For Disc Golf?

To start playing disc golf, you really only need one disc, but carrying a driver, a mid-range, and a putter is ideal for a full game experience.

What Are The Easiest Drivers To Throw Disc Golf?

The easiest drivers for disc golf beginners are lightweight with understable flight characteristics. Models like the Innova Leopard, Latitude 64 Diamond, and Discraft Heat offer ease of use and control.

How Many Different Types Of Discs Are There?

There are many types of disc golf discs, but most discs fit into one of three categories: drivers, midranges, and putters. Drivers are designed for maximum distance, midranges for accuracy and control, and putters for short-range shots and putting.


After researching and testing different types of disc golf discs, we have come to the conclusion that the best discs will vary depending on one's skill level and playing style. For beginners, a stable driver such as the innova leopard or latitude 64 diamond is recommended.

Intermediate players can benefit from a more under stable driver like the dynamic discs maverick or westside discs underworld. Advanced players may prefer a more over stable driver such as the discraft force or innova destroyer. It is important to experiment with different discs and find what works best for you.

Always consider the weight, plastic type, and characteristics of each disc before making a purchase. As you develop your skills and technique, you will become more knowledgeable about which discs suit your game. By investing in the right discs for your level and style of play, you are sure to improve your disc golf game and have more fun on the course.

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