Best Pool Clarifier Reviews and Buying Guide For 2023

Best Pool Clarifiers
Best Pool Clarifier

Keeping your pool clean and clear is essential for keeping it safe and enjoyable. A good pool clarifier can make all the difference in water clarity, removing dirt, debris, and bacteria from the water.

Whether you have an above ground or inground pool, there are a variety of pool clarifiers available to suit your needs. Read on to learn about different types of pool clarifiers and find out which one is the best for you!

What is a pool clarifier?

A pool clarifier is a chemical that is used to clear up the water in a swimming pool. It works by clumping together all of the tiny particles that are in the water, which makes them easier to filter out. pool clarifier can be helpful for pools that have a lot of dirt and debris in them, as it can make the cleaning process much easier.

There are a few different types of pool clarifiers available , and each one works a little bit differently. Some of them are designed to specifically target algae growth, while others are more general-purpose and can be used for both algae and dirt removal.

It’s important to note that using a pool clarifier will not get rid of all of the particles in the water – it just makes them easier to filter out. You’ll still need to regularly clean your pool to get rid of all the debris that accumulates over time.

Top 10 Pool Clarifiers

How do pool clarifiers work?

Pool clarifiers work by using a chemical process to clump together the small pieces of debris in the water, which is fall to the bottom of the pool and collected by the pool filter.

Most common type of pool clarifier is alum. It’s a type of aluminum salt that reacts with the water and form tiny clumps of debris. Other types of pool clarifiers include polydextrose (an artificial sweetener) and certain proteins from animals or plants.

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When You Should use pool clarifiers

Pool clarifiers are a type of pool chemical that helps to keep the water in your pool clear and sparkling. There are a few different types of pool clarifiers on the market, but they all work in essentially the same way. They bind to small particles in the water and cause them to clump together, making them easier for the filter to remove. This not only keeps the water clear but also helps to keep the filter from becoming clogged.

If your pool is looking a little cloudy, it may be time to add a pool clarifier. Be sure to read the instructions carefully, as each brand works a little bit differently. Most pool clarifiers can be added directly to the pool skimmer, but some need to be added manually using a bucket or other container. Once the clarifier has been added, you will need to run the filter for a few hours so that it can do its job.

Keep in mind that adding a pool clarifier is not a substitute for cleaning your pool filter regularly. You should still clean your filter at least once a month, even if you are using a clarifier.

Reviews Of Best Clarifiers For Pool

SaleBestseller No. 1
Clorox Pool&Spa Super Water Clarifier 32 oz
  • Concentrated pool clarifier to clear dull, hazy or cloudy pool water
  • Creates crystal clear pool water
  • Combines Small particles into large ones for easy filter removal
  • Use weekly to maintain clear water
  • Great for before or after a pool party for crystal clear water
  • NOTE: Packaging may vary*
Bestseller No. 2
Clorox Pool&Spa Crazy Clarifier
  • For Insanely Clear Water
  • Weekly treatment
  • Ideal for in-ground & above-ground pools
SaleBestseller No. 3
Robarb 71205 Super Blue Swimming Pool Clarifier
  • Concentrated Formula – Only 1 oz. treats 5,000 gallons
  • Clears cloudy water fast & prevents future hazy appearance
  • Effective at varying temperature levels & range of chemical levels
  • Use with all filter types – will not clog filters
  • Reduces sanitizer demand by removing dirt particles
Bestseller No. 4
HTH 67067 Swimming Pool Care Clarifier Advanced – Crystal Clear Water in 24 Hours
  • BENEFITS: Clears up dull, cloudy or hazy pool water so you can relax in crystal clear water all summer long
  • USE: Apply directly to pool water or skimmer; Use 4-12 hours after HTH Shock! and HTH Algaecide products for best results
  • COMPATIBILITY: Great for all pool types including all pool surfaces and saltwater systems
  • FEATURES: Does not affect pool’s pH levels; Improves filter efficiency to remove dead algae and organic debris; Fast-acting, concentrated formula
  • INCLUDES: One 1-qt container of super clarifier for your swimming pool water
SaleBestseller No. 5
Aqua Clear Pool Products Pool Water Clarifier 32 oz.
  • Clears cloudy water
  • Safe for all pool types
  • Salt water compatible
  • 32 oz
Bestseller No. 6
Clorox Pool&Spa 43128CLX 42128CLX Pool Algaecide
  • Prevents and treats pool algae
  • Built in clarifier
  • Non-foaming formula
  • Suitable for all pool types
  • Packaging may vary*
SaleBestseller No. 7
GLB 71205-SP-04BX Super Blue Pool Clarifier, 1-Quart, 4-Pack
  • Effective at varying temperature levels & range of chemical levels
  • Clears cloudy water fast & prevents future hazy appearance
  • Concentrated Formula – Only 1 oz. treats 5, 000 gallons
  • Item Package Dimensions: 12.0″ L x 12.0″ W x 10.0″ H
SaleBestseller No. 8
SpaChoice Pool Choice 2-2420-06 Clear and Sparkle Blue Pool Water Clarifier, 1-Quart, 6-Pack
  • Super concentrated formula helps clear cloudy water
  • 1 oz. per 5,000 gallons of water
  • Aids in the removal of dirt, organics and oils too small for the filter to remove
  • Fast-acting clarifier for pool water
Bestseller No. 9
SeaKlear Chitosan Clarifier for Pools | 1 qt Bottle | 4 Pack
  • Naturally clarifies cloudy water with easy, weekly application
  • Safe to use with all sanitizers
  • Environmentally safe and will not harm plants or animals
  • 4 Pack
Bestseller No. 10
Pool Day Sapphire Super Clarifier 32oz – Extra Concentrated Premium Formula – Works with All Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas
  • Highly Effective Clarifier: Keep your pool or spa crystal clear
  • Powerful Formula: Our 32oz bottle contains a concentrated formula that will last longer than competitors
  • Super Concentrated: 1oz per 5K gallons per week… that means this bottle will last average size hot tub owners for years
  • Easy to Use: Simply add a small amount of liquid according to instructions on the label to your water for quick results, swim safe immediately
  • Simple Instructions: Use the easy to follow text instructions on the label or scan the QR code to access quick, user friendly video instructions
  • Made in the USA

Benefits of Pool Clarifier

Pool clarifiers are one of the most important tools for keeping your pool clean and healthy. They work by attaching to small particles in the water and causing them to clump together so they can be more easily removed by the filter. It helps to improve water clarity and reduce the amount of time needed to clean the pool.

It can also help reduce the amount of chlorine needed to maintain a healthy pool. Because smaller particles are more difficult for chlorine to kill. so by clarifying the water you can help to reduce the amount of chlorine needed.

This can not only save you money on chlorine, but it can also help to reduce the number of chemicals in the pool that can be harmful to your skin and eyes.

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How to choose the right pool clarifier for your needs

Pool clarifiers are a necessary part of pool care, but with so many on the market it can be hard to know which one is right for your needs. In this section we’ll explain the different types of pool clarifiers and help you choose the right one for your pool.

There are three main types of pool clarifiers: algaecides, clarifiers, and enzymes. Algaecides are used to kill algae, while clarifiers and enzymes both work to clarify the water by clumping suspended particles together so they can be removed by the filter.

So which type of pool clarifier is right for you? If you have an algae problem, then you need an algaecide. If your water is cloudy or murky, then a clarifier or enzyme may be what you need.

Some pools also require specialized clarifiers such as metal sequestering agents or phosphate removers. If you’re not sure whether your pool needs a specialized clarifier, consult your pool care professional.


In conclusion, pool clarifier is an essential part of keeping your pool clean and clear. There are a variety of options available, whether for above ground or inground. Be sure to do your research and find out which one works best for you. With the right pool clarifier, you can ensure that your water is always safe and enjoyable!


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