Top 7 Best Foot Massagers 2024

Best Foot Massagers
Best Foot Massagers

Pretty much everyone these days lives a very stressful life. We work long hours and don’t get paid enough, and sometimes all you want to do when you come home is relax. A foot massage is a great way to wind down, but how many of us have someone willing to massage our feet at the end of the day? That’s why you should take matters into your own hands and get yourself a foot massage machine.

In this article, we are going to share with you the best foot massagers available in the market. Listed below are the top seven foot massager on the market. This list should make your search a lot easier to complete!

7 Best Foot Massagers In The Market

It can be challenging to choose the right foot massager since there are so many options available. Each one offers a unique way to relieve your tired feet and makes sure you can relax completely. We have compiled a list of the top 7 foot massagers that will help you make your decision.

1. Nekteck Foot Massager

Nekteck Foot Massager


  • Six massage heads with eighteen rotating nodes
  • Heating function
  • Three available height levels
  • Easy to access power button

What We Liked

Easy to turn on: When you are in the mood for a massage you usually feel quite lazy. Bending down to turn the massager on can feel like a real hassle. This product has a very accessible switch. You can turn it on with your toe. This helps you maximize your relaxation time.

Multiple heights: You wouldn’t want to have to same area massaged every time. Sometimes you would want the massage to go higher. At other times you might want a massage in a lower area. This foot massager has an adjustable height. There are three height levels that you can bring it to, ensuring that you get the best massage possible.

Many massage heads: There are so many massage heads and nodes in this product that your muscles will feel utterly relaxed. This massager has eighteen points of contact. This means that eighteen parts of your feet and legs will be massaged at the same time. This is enough to help relieve even the most severe muscle pains.

Specialized blood flow program: A lot of people suffer from low blood pressure. This can cause aching feet because there isn’t enough blood flow to this area. This massage chair has a special program designed to boost blood flow in your feet.

Suits flat feet: A lot of massagers on the market are not very effective at massaging flat feet. They tend to compress the middle of your feet which can make the experience very uncomfortable. This product is a lot better at dealing with these feet. The massage programs are designed to suit all types of feet, whether flat or arched.

What We Didn’t Like

Problem with heating function: A lot of customers have made complaints that this product does not get hot enough. It gets warm, but the level of heat will sometimes be found lacking.

2. QUINEAR Foot Massager

QUINEAR Foot Massager


  • Two kneading speeds
  • Two heat levels
  • Six air pressure levels
  • Emergency deflate mode

What We Liked

Completely safe to use: Massage chairs are very relaxing, but they can sometimes leave you in a dangerous position because they make it difficult to move. For example, if a fire breaks out or your child falls and injures itself, your feet will be trapped in the massager. It can be very stressful to try and pull yourself out. This massager comes with an emergency deflate button which is very useful in situations like this.

Easy to use at home: This massager does not require any specialized equipment or extra power to use. You can just plug it in and enjoy a relaxing foot massage. This makes it perfect for people that want to use it at home. In fact, you can do pretty much anything while getting a massage as long as you can do it sitting down.

Removable inner cover: Let’s face it, feet stink. Sweat tends to accumulate in them which means that sharing a massager can be quite gross. You don’t have to do that with this massager because you will be able to remove the inner cover and replace it with a spare whenever someone else wants to use your machine.

Feels like hands: One thing you will notice about the massager is that it feels like you’re getting a massage from a pair of human hands. There is nothing like human hands to give you the best massage possible, so this makes the massager even more valuable.

What We Didn’t Like

Price: This product is almost as good as the Nekteck Foot Massager. However, it is a bit more expensive. That and the fact that it does not give as many benefits bump it down to second place.

3. TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller


  • Weighs 1.6 pounds
  • Made of theaceae wood
  • Pointed nodes to stimulate blood flow
  • Manual operation

What We Liked

Highly portable: This product is very lightweight. Weighing in at only 1.6 pounds, it will be very easy to carry this around with you wherever you go. This makes it perfect for people that travel a lot. Travelling can give you very sore feet. You will be glad you have this foot massager to make you feel better

Designed for acupressure: The stubs on this massager are designed to hit all of your pressure points. Your feet have a lot of points that will give you an itchy yet pleasant pain when you press them. This product hits all of these points which means it is very good for your overall health.

No electricity required: Unlike the Nekteck Foot Massager, the QUINEAR foot massager as well as every other massager on this list, this product does not require any electricity to function. It is a completely analogue product which means that you can place it on the floor and start massaging your feet instantly. This boosts its portability because you can use it pretty much anywhere at any time.

Durable design: The product may look a little flimsy, but it can actually support a lot of weight. This makes it perfect for heavier people.

What We Didn’t Like

Difficult to clean: The pointed nodes are great for massages but they tend to collect a lot of dirt. They are also a nightmare to clean which is something you should consider. It makes this product a bit of a hassle to deal with sometimes.

No added power: The lack of electrical functionality means that this is a pretty one dimensional product. You can’t get versatile massages like you would with electric massagers.

4. Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine


  • Infrared heat
  • Shiatsu massage program
  • Foot chambers run independently

What We Liked

Solid shiatsu massage: There are a lot of massage styles out there. The Shiatsu massage is particularly popular because it stimulates so much blood flow and relaxes your muscles completely. This massager gives your feet an excellent shiatsu massage.

Independent massages: You don’t have to get the same massage for both of your feet. It is possible to get a different massage on each foot. This can help you get a more versatile and comprehensive massage. This massager is designed to give you this experience.

Easy to wash: The foot pockets have been specially designed to be easy to wash. Washing them regularly can help prevent the foot pockets from smelling.

What We Didn’t Like

Very loud: Get ready for a noisy massage when you turn this product on. The noise levels are too high to be acceptable and make this massager a lot less useful than it could have been.

Not suitable for senior citizens: Younger folk might really enjoy the intense massage this product gives. However, it might prove to be far too intense for senior citizens who might start to feel pain after a few minutes of using this product.

5. Best Choice Products Shiatsu Foot Massager

Best Choice Products Shiatsu Foot Massager


  • Four pre programmed massages
  • Wireless remote control
  • Compact design

What We Liked

The special toe massage: A lot of muscle and joint pain in your feet comes from your toes. This massager has a special program designed to tackle this area. The massage program is wonderful and will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Wireless control: A massager needs to help you feel relaxed. Nothing do this more than not having to stretch and push a button to change something about the massage. This massager even beats the Nekteck with its toe button in this regard!

Can fit big feet: This massager will work wonderfully even if you have big feet. This alone sets it apart from a lot of massagers on the market.

What We Didn’t Like

Fabric tears easily: A major problem with this product is that the fabric will tear easily. This can happen suddenly even if you don’t bring any sharp objects close to this product.

Only good for light massages: In a lot of ways, this massager is the opposite of the Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine at number four. This is because it only offers light massages, much like the Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine only offer intense massages.

6. Foot Massage Machine Shiatsu Massager

Foot Massage Machine Shiatsu Massager


  • Adjustable leg positions
  • Separate feet and leg massages
  • Designed to reduce swelling

What We Liked

Comprehensive massage: Most massagers out there would focus on your feet and little else. This machine focuses on a lot more. It goes all the way up to your shins, giving you a good leg massage in the process. This massager gives you one of the most comprehensive massages possible.

Comfortable positions: A lot of people avoid massagers because they force you to keep your legs at a ninety degree angle. This product is a lot more adjustable. You can put your legs in any positions that’s comfortable which can help prevent ailments like knee pain.

What We Didn’t Like

Complicated controls: Before you start your relaxing massage you will have to grapple with this machine’s complex range of buttons. This compares unfavorably to the Best Choice Shiatsu Massager at number 5 which lets you do all this with a remote control.

Small pocket size: Another thing that makes this inferior to the Best Choice Shiatsu massager is the size of the feet pockets. They are meant for small to midsized feet. Larger feet might feel a little cramped when they are in there.

7. Shiatsu Foot Massager for Painful Plantar Fasciitis

Shiatsu Foot Massager for Painful Plantar Fasciitis


  • Nodes for deep kneading massage
  • Heating function
  • Simple design

What We Liked

Designed to relieve ligament pain: A lot of people that stand all day at work end up getting plantar fasciitis. This is the swelling of a ligament in your ankle. It is a very painful condition, but this massager can help you deal with it. It is specially designed to deal with plantar fasciitis related pain.

Excellent heating function: This massager is perfect for people looking to warm their feet on a cold day. The heating function also helps greatly relieve joint and muscle pain in your feet. This massager can help you take a load off after a long, tough day at work.

What We Didn’t Like

Can’t handle a lot of weight: It is clear that this massager has been designed for people of an average weight. Heavy people that stand on it might break it which would be a huge inconvenience.

How to Buy Best Foot Massager?

There are tens of foot massagers available in the market. We want you to get the best one that can really relax and go a long way with you. This buying guide will answer all the possible questions you might have in your mind before buying a foot massager.

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How does the foot massager work?

A foot massager works by applying pressure on the pressure points located on your feet. Your feet have the points for the almost entire body. When pressure is applied to these specific points, you relax.

Which type of foot massager should I have?

Foot massagers can be electric, manual or shiatsu. Each one of them has different features. Based on your needs, you can select the most appropriate.

  • Electric Massagers – They use an electric motor to give you a massage. These massagers can be very good when you need a totally effortless massage. The massage balls in them rotate and vibrate. Most of the electric massagers have the added feature of heating up your feet. Some of these models can also work using rechargeable batteries.
  • Manual Massagers – These massagers are only good for relaxing the bottom side of your feet. They have massage nodes on which you can rotate your feet. Such models are usually inexpensive and require some effort from you to work.
  • Shiatsu Massagers – They make use of Japanese massage methods by imitating a hand-like movement on your feet. They have vibrators, rotating heads, and heating elements to give you a perfect massage therapy.

What is the tradeoff between open and closed design?

Open design models are those that massage only the bottom side of your feet. A very few models will massage your heels. Which do not have any pockets for your feet. They are lightweight, compact and portable. They are soundless and consume less energy. Closed design massagers on the other hand work on the soles, sides, heels and the upper portion of your feet. They are heavier as compared to open design models and expensive too. If you are buying this design, then please check the size that it can accommodate.

Why should I have a foot massager?

A good foot massage can give you the following benefits. When this massage is done on a good foot massager, these benefits enhance.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Gives you a peaceful sleep
  • Improves circulation and immunity
  • Relieves foot ache

What is the benefit of having a massager that comes with a leg-massage option?

It is not your feet that get tired after a hectic day. You feel pain in your legs as well. Having a massager that can also look after your legs is a great thing. Our list contains a massager that can give your legs an excellent massage without making you uncomfortable.

What is the benefit of having a remote control?

A remote control can help you adjust the massage settings without bending over. When you are having a massage, you feel like not doing anything else or even moving a little. Bending over to adjust the settings on your massager can be irritating sometimes. So, if you need additional comfort alongside a good massage, select the one with the remote control feature.

Should I have a large massager or a small one?

If you are looking for a massage that you want to keep in one place, then select a large one, as they offer a better massage than the small machines. Large massagers are also expensive as compared to small machines. Smaller massagers, on the other hand, are easy to store and travel with. If you have space problems, you can select a small machine. You can easily store it in a cupboard or under the table.

How much power should my massager have?

Massager’s power is the main factor behind the efficiency of the massager. A device having an output of more than 40-50 watts is a fine machine. It will relax your feet in a few minutes. such a device also offers high rotating speed, fast vibrations and heats your feet quickly.

What is the benefit of having variable speeds?

A massage that comes with the option of variable rotation, vibration and temperature can really make things smooth for you. You must be able to easily adjust the speeds through remote control or control panel on the massager. Adjusting speeds during the massage can really tone in the massager with your level of comfort.

How important is the durability?

Look for the massager that has a solid design and good construction. There are some models that only offer a good visual appearance and are not durable. Avoid such massagers. The design should be solid enough to withstand the weight of your feet and the vibrations produced during the massage session.

What is the benefit of a machine with auto shutdown option?

It is possible that you might fall asleep while having a massage or the machine may get overworked sometimes. An auto shutdown option comes in handy at such moments. It will prevent the machine from breaking down. It also gives you the option to set the timer for how long you want to get a foot massage.

Now, massages don’t have to be something you have to beg other people for. Indeed, you can get some excellent foot massages in the comfort of your own home using any one of the foot massagers listed above. The great thing is that these foot massagers are all different. Whether you want more heat therapy, shiatsu massages, or something a little gentler, this list has something for everyone. If you want a solid all round massager it is recommended that you go for our top pick which is the Nekteck Foot Massager.

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