How To Use A Perm Kit

How To Use A Perm Kit
How To Use A Perm Kit

Are you looking to change up your style with a perm but do not know where to start? You can achieve salon-quality results with a perm kit! Learn how to use one safely and effectively in this article.

What is a perm kit?

A perm kit is a set of tools used to curl and style hair. It typically contains everything you need to achieve the desired look in one easy-to-use package, making it the perfect solution for those who want to DIY their own hair care. A perm kit usually includes a setting lotion to help hold the curls in place and tools such as styling rods, rollers, or round brushes. Depending on the brand or type of perm kit, you may also need other items such as pins, clips, wraps and hot air devices.

When using a perm kit there’s no need for complicated techniques or lots of experience as most kits come with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Before using an at home or salon perm kit always read and understand the directions given in order to make sure you use it correctly and get great results every time. Keep in mind that once applied and set correctly, a perm can last 2–4 months so it’s important to make sure you follow all directions carefully – this way you won’t damage your hair or cause any other kind of harm when applying your curl.

How to use a perm kit

When considering how to use a perm kit, it’s important to remember that the process of perming your hair is a delicate one. Though perms are usually applied without issue, it is recommended to take time and safety into consideration before using the kit.

Before beginning, read the instructions in the kit thoroughly and make sure you have all of the necessary items needed. These types of kits typically come with gloves, neutralizer and ingredients needed for applying perm solution. Having plenty of towels and a streaming device can also be beneficial during this process as well as a timer or clock with loud ringing capabilities.

Once all materials have been gathered and checked off from the instructions it’s best to start out by creating full sections along your head where each area will need to be wrapped individually. Before starting make sure hair is dry and free from any dirt or product residue because this can disrupt effectiveness when curling hair ultimately resulting in an unsatisfying outcome. Follow safety recommendations included in the box when applying perm solution taking note not to leave on for a longer time than what is specified in case burning occurs along scalp or skin due to irritation from chemicals used in formula.

Lastly, don’t forget about maintaining positive results after getting permed! This can include using moisturizing conditioners for enhanced curls plus special post-treatment and maintenance products depending on type of treatment undergone which help prolong effects after going through successful application process as well as achieve natural shine for newly formed hairstyle:

  • Moisturizing conditioners
  • Special post-treatment and maintenance products

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Tips for using a perm kit

Knowing how to use a perm kit can help you achieve the perfect curls, waves, and ringlets. To begin your perm process, first identify the type of hair you have – that is step one. Different types require different treatments and styles. For example, fine hairs and thick hairs cannot take the same amount of curl or hold time so it's important to be mindful when selecting a brand and formula for your perm kit.

Once you have identified your hair type, it's important to select a set of rollers that are within the size range that fits your desired look or curl pattern. Don't forget that with perms, large rollers yield tighter bouncier curls, small rollers produce looser waves – experiment before getting started!

Finally, take time determining how much time you are willing to invest on perming – this is not a one-time event if done correctly! Many stylists suggest breaking up the process over two days with specialized overnight maintenance tips in between like using satin pillowcases instead of cotton ones while sleeping. This will help keep flyaways frizz-free and keep curls intact until your next salon visit.

Following these tips for using a perm kit will help ensure beautiful locks that last weeks with minimal re-styling necessary!

What to expect when using a perm kit

Using a perm kit can be a great way to give your hair a boost of volume and texture. There are many different types perm kits that you can use at home, but it's important to know what type of outcomes to expect before getting started.

Be aware that the effects of heat and chemicals used during the perming process may vary from one individual to another, so it's important to do a patch test ahead of time if you have any allergies or sensitivities. Following the directions on the particular perm kits will help ensure your hair does not become over-processed or damaged during the process.

Once you're done using the perm kit, make sure to use a suitable post-treatment hair care product such as an oil, deep conditioning mask, or special chemical formula designed for permed hair. This will help lock in moisture and shine while also helping maintain curl definition and shape. Additionally, pay extra attention when washing and drying your permed hair as daily styling habits may affect how long your curls last – which can be anywhere between 4-6 weeks depending on how well it was done!

Follow these tips when using a perm kit and you'll be rocking beautiful curls in no time!

How to care for your hair after using a perm kit

If you’ve recently used a perm kit to style your hair, chances are you’ll want to maintain the look. To preserve the volume, body and curl provided by a perm kit, there are certain things you need to do in terms of hair care. It is vital to follow some simple steps in order to ensure that your hair remains healthy and in beautiful condition.

For starters, use shampoos and conditioners formulated for chemically treated hair or products that make specifically for permed or curly hair. These products will help protect your hair from the harsh chemicals found in permanent wave solutions, preventing unwanted build up of chemicals and residue. Hydrating masks can also be purchased for those with curly or permed locks – these masks provide extra moisture nourishment and can help increase elasticity which will prevent breakage due to over-manipulation of curls.

To guarantee maximum volume after using a perm kit, invest in an aerosol volumizing mousse or spray foam that organically adds fullness while helping retain the shape of your curls. Additionally, there are products available on the market designed specifically for flat ironing chemically-treated tresses that provide superior hold without worrying about burning fragile strands instead of curling them. Make sure never to use a flat iron on freshly curled techniques as this could cause damage and lead to split ends – only use straightening tools after two washes when styling already-curled tresses!

By following these steps you can keep your hair looking good long after using a perm kit; moisturized locks with defined curl definition that stay manageable throughout the day are achievable with proper care!

Pros and cons of using a perm kit

When it comes to creating a beautiful, lasting hair look, perms or chemical treatments can be an affordable and effective option. The pros and cons of using a perm kit over visiting a salon for professional care must be weighed when deciding how you want to style your hair.

The primary pro of using a perm kit is cost savings. Doing the process on your own at home means no expensive salon fees. Perm kits also come with detailed instructions, so users can become familiar with the process before taking it on their own hair. This allows for greater control over the result and more confidence in carrying out the task.

However, there are a few risks associated with using at-home grocery kits when compared to going to a salon that has experienced stylists who understand what type of perm works best for different types of hair. Conducting the process alone increases your chances of making mistakes which can damage or break hair when used improperly. If a mistake is made in applying too much chemicals, it could cause serious scalp irritation or damage over time. It is also important to note that many home perm kits don’t come with conditioners or neutralizing agents necessary to prevent damage from occurring during the procedure and afterward; this must be taken into account when considering its use over professional treatments.

Taking all these factors into consideration can help you decide if using an at-home perm kit is worth the risk for you and your particular hairstyle goals before taking on new styling methods by yourself.

Alternative methods of perming hair

If you wish to achieve natural-looking waves and curls without using a regular perming kit, then there are plenty of alternative methods of perming hair.

Splicing is perhaps the most popular way to produce soft, bouncy curls that endure throughout the day and night. This method works by slowly splitting strands at the base and wrapping each one tightly around your finger or a curling rod to create distinct twists.

Another popular alternative method of perming hair is called thermal reconditioning. This technique heats the hair up using an iron before applying wave-inducing chemicals to condition it in place for a more natural effect. This process can be time consuming but yields much sweeter results than traditional perk kits, which often leave your hair looking frizzy and dry after treatment.

If time is not an issue, overnight wave perms are another beneficial option as they produce very effective wavy curls over a period of several hours while you sleep. This gentler approach also reduces excessive damage to your hair due to less chemical exposure, while lasting longer than more traditional methods with boost of shine making it perfect for special occasions.

Regardless of which perming method you choose, remember that patience and proper care when styling will help ensure your locks stay beautiful for longer periods of time!


Using a perm kit may seem daunting at first, but with careful consideration of the instructions and a bit of patience, anyone can successfully use a perm kit to achieve beautiful, salon-quality curls. Taking into account the type and texture of your hair is the key to choosing the right perm solution and timing your application correctly. It's also important to consider the size of curl you wish to have when selecting the proper sized rods for your style.

Finally, it's crucial to keep an eye on time when using a perm kit in order to avoid over-processing or damaging your hair. As long as you adhere to careful handling, take into consideration all factors that may influence your desired results and take breaks whenever needed during application, you can create beautiful curls that last with minimal effort. Once you've become adept at using a perm kit, it will be easy to enjoy salon-like curls in the comfort of your own home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use a perm kit?

A: To use a perm kit, start by washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Then, apply the perm solution to the hair in sections, rolling each section onto its own perm rod. After leaving the solution on for the recommended amount of time, rinse out the solution and apply a neutralizer. Finally, rinse out the neutralizer and style your hair as desired.

Q: What perm rod size should I use?

A: The size of the perm rod you should use depends on the type of curls you want to achieve. For tight curls, use smaller rods; for loose waves, use larger ones. If you're not sure, consult the instructions on the perm kit packaging.

Q: How often should I get a perm?

A: The frequency of perms depends on your hair type. Generally, it's best to wait at least 6 weeks between each one. To protect your hair, use deep conditioning treatments and avoid heat styling.

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